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Ways to Maximize your Deposits at Online Casinos


In gambling, your returns are directly proportional to your risks. If you bet $1 at a slot machine and hit a 5x multiplier, then the maximum you can win is $5. By comparison, betting $10 on a game with a similar multiplier earns you $50.

Unfortunately, most games are based on pure chance. For you to win regularly, you need to risk a substantial amount of money over time. But what if you have a small budget and want to win big? What can you do? Use these tips.

Claim a Deposit-Based Bonus

One of the easiest ways to claim a bonus from casinos is to make a deposit. The best casinos have small limits: you can get a 100% match on your money if your deposit $10 or $20. Usually, there’s also a limit on the maximum amount you can receive, say $100 or $200.

All the same, a bonus, no matter the amount, can help maximize your bankroll. If you had $20, now you can bet with $40. If you had a budget of $200, it becomes $400. You can claim bonuses through all major payment companies, from credit cards to e-wallets.

However, you don’t want to grab bonuses from just about any casino. Compare multiple operators to check their games, deposit limits and bonus policies. A good minimum deposit casino should have player-friendly bonus policies. That way, cashing out your profits is easy.

Select High-Paying Games

Because many casino games are based on luck, your best chance of winning lie at top-RTP games. RTP describes Return to Player—the average amount of gambled money a game pays back to gamblers. The rest is kept by casinos as profits.

Nearly every casino game has a well-known RTP. Mega Joker, a slot from software developer NetEnt, has a 99% RTP. By comparison, Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II has a 96% RTP. For clarity, both of these games are top RTP slots.

More importantly, whether you win or lose at casino games boil down to multiple factors. For example, a slot with in-game bonuses can help you win more often than one with few bonus features.

For table games like blackjack and roulette, the payout rate is mainly described through the house edge. It’s the opposite of RTP. So, a game with a 1% house edge pays out 99% of gambled money. Blackjack is a great example—it has a 99% RTP.

Use Strategies and Skills to Win Often

Everyone visits casinos to win money. Forget about the competitive nature of poker or the excitement that comes with playing slots. If you’re risking your money on a game, you want to win more.

Unfortunately, many casino games are designed to favor casinos in the long term. This explains why small deposits don’t seem to last as long as they should. To maximize your money, choose games of skills and strategies.

Blackjack, baccarat and roulette are three of the most popular games of strategy. Texas Hold’em, on the flip side, is the most popular game of skill at casinos. For blackjack, you can use strategies like Basic Blackjack Strategy and card counting. Strategies help lower the house advantage. In turn, this increases your chances of winning.

When it comes to poker, skills help you win consistently. And in doing so, you lose less and win more money to maximize your deposits.

Join a Loyalty Program

Many online casinos have programs designed to keep players loyal. At some website, everyone qualifies for these programs. At other sites, joining the loyalty program is by invite only. That’s alright. Compare loyalty programs from several casinos choose one that suits you the most.

Look at the amount of money you need to spend to qualify for loyalty rewards. If the sum is huge, then you’ll get little value for your money. Choose a casino whose loyalty rewards are affordable.

Loyalty bonuses range from free spins and betting credits to cash prizes. That’s why it’s essential to join a great program. If you can deposit $100 and receive a 20% cashback on your losses, it’s better than a website with no loyalty offers.

Maximize Your Betting Limits

Many new gamblers minimize their deposits in the hopes of playing slots or cad games as long as possible. This is a terrible way of making the most out of your money. Think about it. You have $50 to play slots.

You choose a high-paying game to wager 100 spins at 50 cents per spin. It looks like a great idea. You can spend two hours playing your favorite game. The problem: you could play all those spins and fail to break even.

That’s because your small bets will get you a few pennies with every winning spin. Add up your pennies and it’s still a small amount of money. By comparison, let’s say you double the bet sizes to $1 per spin.

You’ll have 50 spins to play. But if you’re lucky and get five winning spins with a multiplier of 20x each, you’ll make $100. By contrast, your 50 cents a spin betting style would only help you win $50.

Complete Missions for Bonuses

Many online casinos, nowadays, have contests and missions you can participate to earn rewards. Some of the missions are simple, let’s say logging into your account to receive 10 free spins or sharing a casino’s link to your social media friends.

These simple tasks from casinos take a few minutes of your time. But they can earn you decent bonuses and cash prizes. In turn, you can use these rewards to play for real money and maximize your profits.

Your Turn

If you’re worried your small casino deposit will get depleted quickly, use the tips shared above to maximize it. Claim a bonus to double your bankroll. Or complete simple tasks to get freebies.

Better yet, join the casino’s loyalty program to get the most out of your money. The tips don’t work every time. But for the few times they work, they can help you play your favorites games more often than your budget can allow.

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