Web4Africa launches The Nigerian Mirror Project a free and open-source software mirror for Nigeria

Web4Africa launches The Nigerian Mirror Project a free and open-source software mirror for Nigeria

Techies in Nigeria have found all the more reasons to work more efficiently and effectively. Following Web4Africa announcement that it has launched free and open source software (FOSS) mirror for Nigeria; and becoming the first FOSS Mirror in West Africa.

The Nigerian Mirror Project is physically hosted inside Nigeria, and can be reached online at www.mirror.ng. The efficiency and effectiveness come from the fact that the mirror will drastically improve download speeds and more techies in Nigeria will have free (and fast) access to open software. The project will drastically reduce the cost of bandwidth and reduce latency in Nigeria.

The Managing Director of Web4Africa, Oluniyi Ajao, said, “This project, in addition to the immense benefits it brings to the internet ecosystem in Nigeria, is one of our ways to give back to the local internet community and is only a first step.”

The Nigerian Mirror Project will be beneficial particularly to open-source programs developers and Linux OS users in Nigeria. As it is currently hosting the full repositories of the Linux OS the Ubuntu and the CentOS, and will also host Python Package Index, a programming language.

The Nigerian Mirror Project has also gotten the official recognition of the CentOS and Ubuntu, and will be included in their official distribution network.

Muhammed Rudman, the MD of Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) said, “We at IXPN, are delighted by this initiative from Web4Africa to localize popular open-source content. It is the first of its kind in Nigeria. We commend them in their effort toward local internet data hosting, which is the best way to drop the cost of internet access while improving user experience.

IXPN totally aligns with The Nigeria Mirror Project, and we call on other organization to emulate this kind of project, so as to build a better internet ecosystem for our country.”

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