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Webstagram Review: Best Tool for Using Instagram for Web

by Fahad Saleem

Webstagram Review

Webstagram is the decent web-based interface for the Instagram, giving users a way to access and repost Instagrams via computer, without the need to use their mobile devices.

This tool gives you an access to basic features like viewing, commenting and liking the photos of people you follow, the ability to organize your posts, subscribe to users, get statistics for your account, browse popular photos / tags / users, get your RSS feeds and many more stunning features.

It also features watermarked Instagram sharing, a useful way to repost Instagram images while keeping your business’s brand prominently displayed. This tool uses the Instagram API but is not certified or endorsed by Instagram.

Webstagram is simple to navigate, easy to view. It also differentiates individual posts from different users. You can manage your likes. In addition to that, you can edit some part of your profile. Unfortunately, you cannot post new updates.

Set up Webstagram by following these steps:

  • Open the Webstagram website and log in to using your Instagram account information. If you don’t have an Instagram account already then create one and then log in to Webstagram.
  • Now click “Authorize” button to link your Instagram account.

How to use Webstagram

  1. Click on “Popular” button to view several popular posts from Instagram.
  2. Click on “Search” and enter a keyword to find content that has been tagged with the keyword.
  3. Click on “Liked” to view the photos that you liked on Instagram.
  4. Click on “Hot” to view an analysis of the top filters, tags and users on Instagram.
  5. Click on “Photo of the Day” to view the popular photo of the day on Instagram.
  6. Click on “My Photos” to view your Instagram uploads.

To share Instagram photos with Webstagram, click on Instagram that you want to share. Click the “Repost This” button and then click on a social media button where you want to repost the watermarked Instagram.


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