Our Weekends: Instagram VS Reality [Hilarious Photos]

Our Weekends: Instagram VS Reality [Hilarious Photos]


Social media frenzy has made us more interested in our digital identity. Our fun, hanging out, meetings, chatting is all connected to social media. After 5 days of grueling jobs, we all wait for weekends to get a way out of the busy life. But most of us don’t do what we show or brag about on social media platforms, especially Instagram. Here are some hilarious photos which show our weekends on Instragram as we show off them and our weekends in reality. Enjoy the truth!

Friday After Work Drinks to Kick-off the Weekend on Instagram

Friday After Work Drinks in Reality



Saturday Mornings on Instagram


Saturday Mornings in Reality




Weekend Morning Breakfast on Instagram



Weekend Breakfasts in Reality



Saturday Lunch on Instagram



In Reality



Sunday Morning Reading on Instagram



Weekend Readings in Reality




Taking Care of Important Chores on Instagram




In Reality




Saturday Evening Concerts on Instagram

Weekend Concerts in Reality



Hanging Out With Friends on Weekends on Instagram




Hanging Out on Weekends in Reality


Sunday Brunch on Instagram




Sunday Brunch in Reality




Taking some fresh air and experiencing Nature on Instagram



Taking some air in Reality



Sunday Evenings and Gearing up for the Coming Week on Instagram




Sunday Evenings in Reality



Motivated Much? What do you plan to do this weekend? Being a couch potato or making your Instagram brags a reality?

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