Well, here’s a first! Google is increasing the price of G Suite

google g suite

Ever since Google launched the G Guite collection of application back on August 28, 2006. The company has maintained the same price; and has never increased it all throughout the inflation, deflation, and global economic meltdown. However, this year, the price is set to go up!

Google has announced that its G Suite application bundles; Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Google+, Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, and Sites, will go up by $1 and $2 for the G Suite Basic and G Suite Business editions respectively. That is per user for each month.

The new prices will become effective as from Aprid 2nd 2019. Sources privy to the company’s internal affairs say the price hike was as a result of the value addition Google has made on the G Suite over the years.

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