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What Are Anti-Detect Browsers and How to Use Them


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We live in a world where people have varied aspirations and intentions, and not all of them may be good. This is especially true in the online realm, where people from all walks of life come together and interact on a single, broad platform. Therefore, you need to be wary of your security and implement measures to ensure your online profile is safe.

You can use various tools to boost your online security, among them anti-detect browsers. These browsers enable you to avoid being tracked by websites and online services since they hide your true online identity. It is worth noting that this specific aspect of anti-detect browsers has been plagued by controversy as people argue that criminals exploit this feature for illegal activities.

By now, you should have a rough understanding of what anti-detect browsers are and how they can benefit your online persona. You may be wondering if these tools are easily accessible. The simple answer is yes, and to prove it, we have listed some of the best anti-detect browsers on the web today.

Top 3 Anti-Detect Browsers

As the web progresses into the massive information hub it is today, online privacy is more important than ever before. In this regard, various companies have come up to provide efficient anti-detect browsers that can protect confidential user data. While looking for a robust and reliable anti-detect browser, you might be at a loss in deciding the best one to suit your needs.

With this information in mind, we have listed some of the best anti-detect browsers you can use today. It is worth noting that most of the tools on our list are compatible with most operating systems, Ubuntu included. This is a big plus for developers and white hat hackers as it presents an opportunity to protect their online identity on Ubuntu, a developer-friendly OS. Furthermore, you can opt to complement your experience using Ubuntu proxies.


Multilogin, as the name suggests, allows users to create multiple accounts for different online platforms. The core purpose of this anti-detect browser is to prevent websites from keeping track of your browser fingerprint. How? While most anti-detect browsers actively hide your fingerprint, this one will not. It will present websites with a fingerprint, just that it will be a different one.

Multilogin lets you keep your real browsing environment private by creating multiple sessions based on the activity. The cloud-based tool will differentiate the cookies and histories for each session. Hence, websites will only read data from the created environment.

Ghost Browser

As the name suggests, Ghost Browser provides maximum anonymity and privacy for users. Much like Multilogin, it allows you to create multiple identities online depending on your needs. Also, this tool runs on the Chromium platform and allows users to log into one website with different accounts from the same window.

Ghost Browser color-codes different browser sessions and has different “cookie jars” to make it easier to navigate from one session to another. Furthermore, this powerful tool has inbuilt proxy functionality allowing you to assign a different proxy for each session. Lastly, it comes as a Chrome extension, meaning you can easily import it into your browser.

AdsPower Browser

AdsPower is among the best anti-detect browsers in the market today. Similar to other browsers discussed on our list, AdsPower protects users from browser fingerprinting by allowing them to create multiple accounts. You can create a different browser instance for each activity, protecting your identity.

You might need proxies to boost your experience with AdsPower. This is because some websites may fail to respond to multiple accounts since all the requests will be coming from a single IP address. In such a scenario, it would help if you utilized proxies for AdsPower. In doing so, you can assign a different IP address to each browser environment, making it seem like they are from different devices. This information might help in understanding more about AdsPower proxies.

The Upshot

Anonymity and privacy are crucial aspects of the modern online landscape. Users that fail to pay keen attention to their online profile and overshare their data are more than likely to have their data compromised. In fact, most users usually have no idea that their information has been stolen and is on sale on the dark web. The primary purpose of anti-detect browsers is to make these issues a thing of the past.

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