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What are Prime and Smurf accounts on CSGO?


Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a first-person shooter multiplayer game. It’s the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series. For the starters, it was released for Windows, XBOX360, and PlayStation 3. The game begins with two teams competing against each other that are Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Terrorists have the mission to plants bombs or defend the hostage while Counter-Terrorists are supposed to diffuse the already planted bombs or stop the bombs from being planted or rescue hostages. The game went straight up in the highest-ranking after its release with nine modes of playing that differs from each other to the least. For playing CSGO, you need to have basic knowledge of maps and quick action to get into it properly.

What is the CSGO Prime account?

CSGO Prime Accounts used to be a paid game before it went the free-to-play game. If you already had bought the game back then, you have access to the prime account already. If not, then crossing 21 levels will give you access to Prime Benefits. If you want to save yourself from the hassle of playing till 21level to get the prime benefits, you can always buy Prime Account to receive exclusive benefits. Prime was introduced in April 2016 by Valve to make the matchmaking system better.

Benefits of Prime Account –

It saves your time

Betters matchmaking

Advance level costumes and weapons are unlocked already

Teammates are already trained

What is Smurf Account?

For one game, you can have multiple accounts. CSGO Smurf Accounts is an alternative account for one game. It is used by the players as a side account to play as a high ranked against low ranker. The main purpose of this account Is to hide behind it as an amateur player while you are a skilled player only to play with newbie and win against them easily. In CSGO, players are paired with same level teams and players. BY using the Smurf account, you can play with inexperienced players and easily win against them to level up. There is one condition to get a Smurf account and that is to be exceptionally good at CSGO.

Benefits of Smurf Account

Players who own Smurf account will be promoted to a high level like SMFC or Global Elite.

Players are allowed to play on their desired levels.

It is completely legal.

Usually, it helps to beat inexperienced players.

How Prime account and Smurf account are helpful in CSGO?

Prime account and Smurf account in CSGO are exceptionally rewarding in a lot of ways. As prime account discloses tons of features and Smurf account allows you to make multiple accounts. With the use of Smurf Account, you can help inexperienced players to learn gameplay.


Counter-Strike has been one of the highest-selling games of the decade for its pleasurable gameplay and smooth interface. With its various versions so far in one decade, CSGO is one of the most interesting and intriguing.  Not only is that but CSGO refreshed version where different dynamics of players are unsheathed. In addition to that, Prime and Smurf accounts have made CSGO the most likable game so far in the Counter-Strike series. It stands high for being an engaging and interactive game.

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