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What Are Some Ways to Prolong Macbook Battery Life That Actually Work?


There will come a time when your Macbook does not last as long as it did in the very beginning. When that happens, some people start to wonder whether buying a new computer is the best option.

That might be the case in a few instances, but overall, it should only be a last resort. You can prolong Macbook’s battery life without buying a new computer or even a new battery.

Are you interested in finding out how that can be achieved? If so, continue reading this article and all the answers will become available.

Updating Everything

There is a good reason why you see updates quite often. They optimize the performance, take care of bugs, etc. The performance optimization obviously makes it so that applications and other services are not consuming as many resources, which leads to prolonged battery life.

If you are not sure how to take care of it, click this link and find out how to update apps on mac. And keep a closer eye on this matter to ensure that you update as soon as a new version comes out.

Resource Consumers Running in the Background

Open your Activity Monitor and see which of the services in the background are consuming the most resources. Sort it by CPU usage and think whether you can make some changes.

In an ideal world, you could simply kill those off and that would be that. However, it is impossible because some of the things are there because there is no way around it.

If you cannot shut off an app, consider looking for an alternative that consumes fewer resources. Internet browsers are a great example. Test as many as you can and determine which of them works the best in terms of features and how much power they use.

Viruses and Malware

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Some individuals suggest that Macbooks are perfectly fine without anti-virus software. It is difficult to fathom where these claims even come from, but you should disregard them completely.

All kinds of viruses and malware exist, and if you are not careful, you will end up with something that will heavily slow down your computer and its battery life. Thus, be sure to have reliable anti-virus software running in the background. On top of that, do not leave it on auto-pilot but perform regular scans for peace of mind.

Cluttered Desktop

Every icon on a desktop has to be rendered every time you switch between the desktop and another window.

It is only natural that you will experience performance issues if you have a cluttered desktop. Instead of living in such a mess, look to organize things in folders and make the situation better because if you do that, you will notice how much of a difference it will make.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

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Unless you are using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, there is no reason to have them turned on at all times. This is similar to a smartphone battery as having these turned off conserves it quite a bit, allowing you to use the device longer.

Browser Tabs, Extensions, and Plugins

It is no secret that we spend most of our time on the internet while using a computer. And doing so without a browser would be impossible.

However, some users certainly shoot themselves in the foot by installing all kinds of extensions and plugins thinking they are cool and all, only to end up suffering for it later. The same can be said about having multiple tabs open when you do not need them. Try to preserve your energy more when you are surfing the net.

Screen Brightness

This one is not something that makes a massive difference, but it still adds up to the whole equation. Turning screen brightness down works, especially on the most recent Macbook Pro models.

Simply go to Preferences, select Display and untick the box from automatic brightness adjustment. You can customize everything to your liking then.

Keyboard Backlight

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Turning off your keyboard backlight is another thing you can do to save some power. After all, it is nothing but a cosmetic feature that has no real purpose other than showing off pretty lights.

Open System Preferences, click on the Keyboard tab and uncheck the box for automatic keyboard illumination. When you do that, set the slider that is below to 5 seconds. The slider should have the following words – “Turn off when the computer is not used for”.

Streaming Is Not Great

While using streaming services is obviously convenient, saving battery life would be impossible if you are watching a movie or a TV series and using the internet at the same time. Whenever there is an option, download the media and enjoy it in the offline mode.

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