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What Are the Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing and What Are Their Specifics?


If you are going to earn on the web resource, it is important to study the market and select the topic you like and that is also relevant to people. There are so-called verticals on the market that are like pillars and attract everyone, such as money, health, or dating. 

Moreover, each vertical contains a lot of niches, and their popularity is changing over time. Let us find out together with iMonetizeit what is popular today and where it is worth investing your funds and time to gain profit and monetize the resource as best as you can. 


All over the world, bodybuilding has its devoted audience. This audience is not afraid to lose money to achieve their goals.

The niche is not only traffic but also very sold. Most offers are merchandise, but there are also subscription services: the sale of subscriptions to rocking chairs, individual lessons, etc. Such a partnership is very beneficial because it can bring regular commissions.

The rewards from the sale of sports supplements are significantly higher than the rest of nutrition. From the sale of testosterone boosters or protein powders, offers are ready to pay an average of 35-40%. With subscription offers, it is even better: by referring a client to a paid bodybuilding community or by selling an individual course (nutrition or training), you can get up to 75% commission.

This topic may have its seasonal dynamics: in some niches, it is more pronounced, in others, it is less. Therefore, athletes traditionally begin to actively build muscle mass and increase strength indicators with the onset of cold weather, in late autumn and winter. The period when everyone gains muscle mass is very well reflected in traffic indicators and, accordingly, sales, especially in the segment of sports supplements.


This niche has literally exploded over the past few years. At the same time, it is a mistake to think that it stays solely on the wave of COVID-19. Interest in the topic was stable until 2020, but the pandemic, of course, also made a significant contribution to the general hype.

The marketing potential of a niche is 90% pure product. Most goods are not highly profitable, but there are a lot of them. In addition, goods from related categories coexist quite amicably in the niche: tourism, outdoor, etc. What is important, this is not a highly specialized topic – you can enter it relatively easily and without astronomical budgets. Making interesting articles, reviews, and selections is easy and cheap. On such content, you can get good organic traffic and generate sales for offers.

If we talk exclusively about goods for survivalists, the following categories are at their peak today:

Survival in the wild:

  • camping equipment
  • camping knives, saws, and axes
  • alarm kits
  • provisioning

Home protection:

  • special locks
  • video surveillance systems
  • smart alarms


  • storage-resistant products
  • containers for long-term storage of food
  • conservation supplies

Autonomous economy:

  • growing your food
  • hydroponic installations
  • solar power units

Affiliate commission in a niche is not very impressive; on average, it is 10%. However, as already mentioned, the segment attracts by its wide product grid and turnover. At the same time, even if we proceed from the most pessimistic scenario and assume that the topic will die out over time, quickly snatching your piece of the pie is quite feasible. In addition, in this case, the site can always be reoriented to some related topic, for example, tourism.


Pet supplies have become another powerful niche that has grown significantly over the past few years. This is not surprising; people love to pamper their pets, and their health is taken more seriously. 

All this, of course, is reflected in the profitability of the niche. You can find a lot of cases on the web, for example, how zoo sites, created once as simple hobby projects, were sold for huge sums. There are many partnership proposals. In the US market, there are entire advertising networks tailored to the zoo segment. The average percentage of commissions from goods is 10-15%.

These are the three niches with which you can start to build your clear understanding of possible goals and topics.


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