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What are the Most Popular NFTs ever Created?


Since the NFT craze took over the internet, it seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. Everyone wants to know which are the best NFT projects to get involved in and which are the most popular. In this article, we will look at the top 5 most popular NFT projects to date.

NFT Collections

What sets NFT collections apart from individual works of art is that they come as a collection, as the name implies. Singel NFT artworks are produced on a much smaller scale and are usually sold on many NFT markets. When coming from one individual artist, the original pieces of art can have fastly different dollar values since anyone can create an NFT. When it comes to NFT collections, on the other hand, these collections are many pieces of artwork that usually come as a theme, and they all have a similar floor price. Collections give a chance for many people to be exposed to them, unlike a single artwork. The most popular NFTs today come as an NFT collection. By being part of a collection, there is a community surrounding the NFT project, which naturally creates more interest in a wider audience.


This project was launched in 2017 by the Larva Labs studio and helped launch the NFT craze. The Larva Labs studio at that time consisted of only two people, Matt Hall and John Watkinson. This project took inspiration from the London punk scene, with 10,000 pixel-art images all 24 x 24 in size. Each CryptoPunk can display up to seven traits, with the more traits an image has the more rare and valuable it is. In March 2021 a CRyptoPunk sold for a record $7.58 million. Recently Larva Labs has been sold to Yuga Labs which also owns the Bored Ape Yacht club collection.


This NFT is one of the most popular collections, as it allows the holders to earn passive income by being a play-to-earn type NFT. Driblie is a football manager-type game and allows holders to earn rewards through staking and renting out their NFTs. Driblie also has deflationary properties meaning the assets accrue value over time as it becomes more scarce. There are functions in the gameplay that burn some of the tokens, so the supply thereof decreases.

Lucky Block

The Lucky Block NFT collection also makes the cut into the top 5 most popular NFT collections. They are currently the most valuable out of the NFTs mentioned so far. The Lucky Block project has very interesting and attractive tokenomics and is probably one of the best projects to invest in right now. The lucky block tokens bring an extra layer of value to the holder other than the intrinsic value. Each Lucky Block token acts as a ticket for daily draws that happen on the blockchain. The prizes and the daily lucky draws make for a rapidly growing community.

Azuki Collection

One of the next Big ones is the Azuki Collection. A very colourful and artistic collection of avatars. This group claims to be the skaters of the virtual world. By owning an Azuki, you get membership access to a place in the metaverse called The Garden. Here, community members build and create their own new digital world. It also provides access to NFT drops, live events and streetwear collaborations with other brands. This collection has a very vibrant and active community and they are actively building virtual spaces.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Last but not least is the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, also known as B.A.Y.C. A very well know NFT collection and also very popular amongst celebrities. This collection features animated apes that come in many imaginative designs and characteristics. The BAYC has a good back story and has also created an online world for the apes. You guessed it; they hang out at a yacht club. There you can do some fun activities, including treasure hunts and connect with other members.

The BAYC went viral fairly quickly, and once big celebrity names like Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton started flaunting theirs on social media, their prices skyrocketed. The most expensive BAYC to date was sold for about 2.3 Million dollars, making it one of the most expensive NFTs ever to be sold.

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