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What do you Think about THC-O Acetate?


Image by R+R Medicinals from Pixabay

In the cannabis community, THC-O is highly popular. There are multiple users who fall under the cannabis card and consume it frequently.THC-O does not lend to DIY, just like CBD or THC oil, as it fails to receive enough press. So, you have to delve into complete chemistry to understand this compound.

THC-O is emerging as the most powerful and viable chemical compound for medicinal and recreational use. Many people consider THC-O illegal and makes it unattractive to use. 

How does THC-O work?

The short name of THC-O is THC-O-Acetate. However, THC-O has multiple names, and it becomes confusing for general audiences. Cannabis culture leans more toward brevity than accuracy, so it’s a good thing. Mainly, people are aware of THC-O or ATHC.

We advise you not to confuse ATHC with THCA. THCA is the molecule that is responsible for the production of THC. So, it can’t be produced in the home kitchen. Otherwise, it would be disastrous. ATHC and THCA are two different chemicals, so you have to pay attention to the placement of A. 

Is there a difference between THC and THC-O?

Some cannabinoids like THC and CBD are fatty oils that are available naturally. Therefore, THC and CBD are fat-soluble and consumable products. Both can easily dissolve in oil. Vitamins and fibers dissolve differently in your body than fats and oils. As vitamins and fibers are water-soluble compounds. Before the absorption of nutrients into your bloodstream, you will get a filtering step.

By contrast, less THC makes it into your bloodstream (since there is more filtering) and, ultimately, into your brain. However, water-soluble substances bypass that extra step and reach your bloodstream directly. In this way, your body absorbs more nutrients.

THC-O-Phosphate – a cousin of THC-O – is soluble in water but does not dissolve very quickly due to its chemistry. The result is a slower onset of effects and reduced potency compared to regular THC.

Is THC-O soluble in water?

THC-O is not soluble in water. The molecule is subjected to the same filtering process as other fat-soluble molecules in your body. Once you consume THC-O products, you will not get a high percentage of the molecules in your bloodstream. We will find THC-O cannabinoid more powerful than regular THC. Due to the filtering process, you can see a few THC-O molecules that travel to your brain. You will find the best THC-O products online but try to pick them up from iDelta8.  

Does THC-O-acetate cause strong hallucinogenic effects?

Compared to Delta-9, THC-O-acetate causes high levels of hallucinogenic effects such as auditory hallucinations, marked visual distortions, and increased emotions. However, like other euphoric highs, the THC-O experience is completely dose-dependent. Researchers claim that low doses of THC-O induce a mild euphoria that is closely associated with Delta-8-THC. On the other hand, moderate doses of THC-D have been observed to induce a trippy and psychedelic experience. On the other hand, high doses of THC-O can debilitate clients cognitively and physically over time. Click here to know more about IDELTA8.

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