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What is a CS:GO bind generator and how do you use it?


Even the most casual CS:GO players have probably heard of binding mechanics in the game. They allow you to perform a certain action (or a set of actions) by pressing just one key. Back in the day, using binds required some basic Source code knowledge. Nowadays, an alternative to learning the code on your own are CS:GO bind generators.

What is a bind and how does it work?

In the Source Engine, a bind is an action assigned to a certain key. Binds are not only specific actions programmed by the user, but also basic movements and in-game interactions. For example, when you press the “w” key in a game written in the Source Engine, the game interprets this as walking forward – thanks to the bind between the “w” key and walking which was programmed by default.

The Source Engine allows many game modifications, playing around with Garry’s Mod, and creating scripts – complicated sets of commands used to perform a certain in-game task. How does all this information apply to CS:GO? Well, you can use simple, script-like lines of code written in the Source Engine to bind a certain key to an in-game action. This can save some time during matches – players use binds to automate such things as the buying process or performing so-called jumpthrows. Now, let’s look into the mechanics of CSGO bind generator and in what ways it may be useful for players.

Why would you possibly need a CS:GO bind generator?

It’s very simple: bind generators allow players to get their hands on much-desired lines of bind code, while at the same time relieving them from the necessity of learning these simple commands themselves. It’s not a sign of laziness, but rather practicality – if you plan to memorize the Source commands just for binding certain keys on your keyboard, what’s the point of learning the code? It’s easier and more efficient to just use a generator. Not only does it save a lot of time (in-game as well as real-time), but it also gives the certainty of obtaining absolutely perfect code without any mistakes. Yes, learning the Source Code is not as easy as it may seem!

The most popular type of bind is the buy bind. Basically, it contains a short set of instructions of what to buy (you can assign multiple weapons and accessories to one key). The action is executed in-game with just one press of a chosen button.

How does a bind generator work?

There are two types of apps which allow this: online ones (the most popular), and standalone apps. For safety reasons, it’s usually best to use the online versions. What they do is very simple: they show you a small keyboard, which represents the one you have. The first step is to choose a key (most players tend to choose function keys or the comma key). The next step is to choose what action you want to assign to a certain key. Next, the generator will create a line of code. You will have to copy and paste it into the CS:GO game console, and then execute it.

And it’s done! Your chosen set of buys or other actions is now available to you with just one press of a single button.

Is there a catch to this?

Generally speaking, there aren’t any catches to this process. But you must remember about one thing: a bind which is entered into the Console and then confirmed with an Enter key works only until the end of one session. That means that if you turn off the game, the same line of code should be entered again, in order for the bind to work. If you want to save even more time, there’s a way to automate the process of assigning the bind in the Console.

Look for the path Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg. In it, create a file called autoexec.cfg, and paste your bind into that file using the Notepad. The last step is adding the line +exec autoexec.cfg in the launch options. Now, your chosen set of commands will be automatically executed upon each launch of the game.


Such CS:GO bind generators as have a lot of interesting bind propositions – from the popular “buy” ones to a bit more complicated ones (related to bunnyhopping or grenade throwing). Some of them are very inventive and may come in handy, especially when playing against experienced, professional teams. In matches like that, every second counts.

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