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What is a Pass Plus Driving Course?


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Passing your driving test is a huge accomplishment. Passing your test means you’ve learnt the basics of driving, and can successfully complete a journey. But there’s so much more that your driving test doesn’t cover. For example, you may be very nervous to start driving on the motorway, or in challenging weather conditions.

If you’re someone that has passed their drivers test but is still nervous about certain aspects of driving, keep reading. Reputable driving school Beverly Slater discusses how a pass plus course can help you overcome these fears and make you the best driver you can be. 

What is a pass plus?

A pass plus driving course is simply a type of driving course that aims to teach you the more difficult parts of driving. For example, if you’re particularly worried about driving on the motorway, your driving instructor on your pass plus course will teach you everything you need to know about motorway driving, and help you accomplish your goals.

Pass plus courses involve a specialist driving instructor teaching and guiding you in what you wish to focus on. At the end of a pass plus driving course, there will be no exam or test. This makes taking a pass-plus test even easier, as you don’t have to worry about passing an exam at the end of it. 

What does a pass plus course cover? 

A pass plus course is designed to build your confidence up in a variety of different driving circumstances. The following are some of the modules included.

Night driving: driving at night can be a concern for many new drivers. You don’t have the visibility you’re used to, and there’s more room for error. This fear can be tackled with the help of a pass plus course.

Bad weather conditions: Whether it’s driving in heavy rain or severe heat, a pass plus course can teach you how to get through driving in adverse weather conditions. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable and unavoidable, it’s best to build up your confidence as soon as possible after learning to drive.

Motorway driving: it’s no secret that motorway driving is different to regular driving. For many new drivers, navigating the motorway for the first time is worrying. But with a pass-plus course, you will be taught and guided by a professional on how to successfully drive on the motorway, building up your confidence in the process.

Country road driving: country roads can be a daunting prospect for new drivers. These kinds of roads are usually less maintained than regular roads, presenting a challenge to new drivers. With less lighting and more potholes, it’s no wonder why many new drivers have their hesitations and worries about driving on country roads for the first time.

Experienced driving instructors can help you overcome your anxieties about driving on country roads during a pass plus course lesson. If you’re an anxious new driver, it’s well worth considering a pass plus course.

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