What is RCP component and Why Is it on my Android Phone

Eclipse-based Rich Client Protocol, RCP, component is found in the application manager on the phone. It is a programmer tool which makes the integration of independent software components easier. Most of the data processing takes place on the client side. It is thought of as a modular UI framework. If you are not a developer, you would not be using the RCP component; it is a system App for the developers.

What is RCP component

RCP is a collection of lower-level frameworks. It is a software which consists

the following components: a core (lifecycle manager), update manager, a standard bundling framework, data binding, a portable widget toolkit, a workbench, file buffers, text handling and text editors. RCP lets developers build their own Apps on existing computing platforms. The proven and tested features of the framework provided by RCP don’t require the developers to write their App
from scratch. This leads to the faster App development and integration. The independent software modules like graphics tools, mapping technologies, and spreadsheet integrate smoothly with this software.


Fahad Saleem

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