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What is the best GPS location track app for parents to monitor kids


Parenting control is yet another need in every household nowadays. Especially, if the parents are working. Usually, they are out for their work most of the time in a day and the kids are at home. It is always the concern of parents how they can get in touch with the children and their activities. What if they get attracted to inappropriate content? Whom they are meeting? What is their undertaking on social media accounts? and etc. This is obvious. Till the children reach a certain age, there is always a feeling of inconvenience amongst parents. But now, this feeling of worry can be wiped out with a phone tracker app. With some amazing features, these apps are fully safe and reliable to use. There are many best tracker apps available in the market. However, one with exciting traits, the Famisafe parental control app is all set to amaze you. It lets parents control screen time, track real-time location, and detect inappropriate content on the kid’s devices.

Sometimes children are smart enough to hide things from their parents. Be it post on their social media handles or their reaction to certain stories. However, advancement in technology enables the parents to have an android location tracking of their kids easily. These phone tracker apps work uniquely with an installed cell phone monitoring software. It is easy and cost-effective to keep track of activities with these apps.

Solutions to Track Kid’s Location

GPS live tracking and location history enables you to instantly track the current phone location of the kids via GPS. There is an inbuilt map in a dashboard of an android tracking app where parents can get the exact pinpoint location of the child’s device anytime while saving the data for future reference.

Famisafe parental control app allows you to track the location history along with the path through the android phones to know where your children were all day or at a particular time. It also tells you the frequently visited places by your children so that you can predict the child’s next visit to the place.

Likewise, there is Set and get geofencing alert feature which minimizes most of the concern of the parents. With the help of this feature, it is possible to monitor specific places and make the children stay away from those places.


Real-time location: With GPS location tracker, parents can track the child’s device to ensure safety.

Location History: Check location history anytime, anywhere by timeline.

Activity Report: It monitors all the device activities and app installations.

Screen time: Screen time feature allows you to control track app usage.

App Blocker: Parents can block certain distracting apps with this feature.

Web filter: You can block inappropriate websites over chrome and safari.

Browse History: You can the track phone to view android private browsing history.

YouTube monitor: It detects disturbing videos or monitors the inappropriate content in the videos. Along with it, you can lock those videos if they are not good for your kids.

Explicit content detection: It monitors suspicious messages on social media handles and SMS.

Suspicious photos: It immediately gives you an alert when detecting the porn images in your kid’s phone’s gallery.

How to get started with the Famisafe parental control app?

It is easy to start this app with three simple steps:

Register: Register a Famisafe account on the website or download the app from the Goggle play and app store.

Install: Install the Famisafe app in both the kid’s as well as parent devices.

Connect: Now, connect and manage all devices from the Famisafe dashboard app or web portal.

Price Plans and Availability

You can download this app either from the website or the Google play/play store in your android and ios phones respectively.

After you have registered the account on the app, you can enjoy the basic features available for free. However, to avail of the advanced features, you need to purchase a subscription first. Pricing Plan is as follows:

For Quarterly plan, you have to pay $6.66 per month which is billed quarterly at $19.99. As part of the plan, you can include up to 10 devices per account.

For the Monthly plan, you have to pay $9.99 per month. However,  you can include only 5 devices per account.

For Annually plan, you have to pay $3.49 per month which is billed annually at $41.99. As part of the plan, you can include up to 30 devices per account.


For any query, you can talk to the customer support team or call at the customer support number given on the website. Time management is so important today and what is better than the Famisafe app to monitor the screen the children’s screen time anytime and track the real-time location of the device. This allows kids to study, interact with family, and play games rather than spending time on the phone all the time.

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