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What is the KYC Procedure at Online Casinos?


KYC (Know Your Customer) is a procedure that is known to all online casino customers simply under the name “verification”. This is the usual process of verifying the identity and accuracy of personal information on the user’s game account.

Experts from emphasize: if the internet casino does not ask for confirmation of personal data, the client should be alerted to this. Any licensed gambling establishment compulsorily checks registered users. KYC helps to secure the operation of casino sites from unauthorized access, while at the same time keeping clients’ funds in their accounts.

Why is the KYC procedure needed?

User verification for online casino is necessary to resolve the following issues:

  • Ensure the safety of the license. If the administration of the casino sites does not verify the authenticity of the users’ information, the gaming commissions may revoke the institution’s license.
  • Obstruction of illegal activity. Strict control allows you to fight against money laundering through gambling sites and stop criminal activity.
  • Weed out minors who are prohibited from gambling by law.

The KYC procedure is important not only for online casino but also for every client:

  • Personal information: last name, address of residence, bank account numbers –— are guaranteed not to fall into the hands of fraudsters. After all, the data is stored on a secure server protected by encryption.
  • Users of casino sites will be able to safely withdraw the earned money and make a deposit without fear of losing costs during the transaction.

What exactly is checked during KYC?

Online casinos that have a gaming license, must verify the name, age, and address of the client. This is the minimum list of verifiable data.

To confirm their name, the administration of the casino sites asks to send an identity card: a photo of a passport or a driver’s license. The age of clients is also checked using the same documents. Minors are not legally allowed to gamble.

If a gambling site does not ask for confirmation of your name and age, you should not trust such a casino. Your information can be at risk. In addition, there is no guarantee that when you fund your account on the site, the money will go to your game profile.

To verify your residential address, the operator will ask you to provide a photo of a bank statement or utility bill. Your surname and official registration are printed on these papers.

Additionally, internet casino may require confirmation of your financial data (this is how sites check the legality of your accounts):

  • Credit card. You need to provide a photo of a bank card, which contains the number, surname, and expiration date.
  • Screenshot of your Neteller or Skrill account, if you withdraw money through these payment systems.
  • Bank account. Bank profile screenshot with last name and other details.

Important! Photos of your documents must be of good quality. No blurring, cropped edges, etc., otherwise you may not pass the validation.

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