What is this Wi-Fi Sharing feature on my phone?

wi-fi sharing

There is an interesting feature, Wi-Fi Sharing, I have come across on Samsung Galaxy devices; the S10, S9, S8, Note, and A20 among others.

Well, it is really a no-brainer. It is a feature that allows you to share your Wi-Fi connection with other devices. You know how, you can turn your mobile phone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. With Wi-Fi Sharing, you simply share the internet Wi-Fi on your phone, via Wi-Fi to other Wi-Fi enabled devices. I hope I didn’t lose you with all the Wi-Fis.

While you are on Wi-Fi Sharing, your phone creates a hotspot, but instead of utilizing your mobile data. It is using the Wi-Fi internet it is connected to, and that way saving your cost on mobile data.

This feature could prove particularly useful if you happen to be at an establishment where they provide free Wi-Fi connection to just one device per user. If you have Wi-Fi Sharing feature on your phone, you should put up your smartphone as the one-device to be connected to the Wi-Fi provided at the establishment.

Then, when the managers or employees are not looking, you can turn on Wi-Fi Sharing on your phone. That way, your other devices will get internet from your phone hotspot, which gets its internet connection from the Wi-Fi provided by the establishment.

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