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What Makes a Good Proxy Service?


Internet privacy, speeds, and safe browsing couldn’t exist on the modern digital landscape if it weren’t for proxies. Proxies make all aspects of the internet function. Without them, the internet would be unsafe, not private at all, and slowed down to a practical halt.

Proxies are used by individuals and companies alike for many reasons, most of which have to do with protecting or collecting data. Through proxy providers and services, companies and individuals can efficiently protect themselves, all while making their browsing or services that much faster, better, and more reliable.

In this article, we’ll talk a bit about web proxies, proxy services, as well as give you some in-depth info on how you can find the best proxy service for your specific needs.

Web proxies explained

Proxies are the middlemen of the internet. Think of proxies as something that stands in between the person requesting a server and the server itself. Through this middleman, both parties are secured, the communication between them is streamlined, and the overall interests are protected.

There are more proxy types and protocols than you can imagine, but most of them operate in a seemingly similar way but for different purposes.

People use proxies to select reasons, too, most of which are related to their privacy on the internet. Proxies can hide your IP address, protect your browsing, and ensure that no harm comes your way from hackers and malicious intent individuals.

On the other hand, companies use proxies to act as web filters, which only allow particular information to pass through.

Some people use proxies to protect themselves and their data – others use them to harvest as much information from the internet as possible. With proxies, the capabilities and possibilities are practically endless – which is why they’re such exceedingly popular tools in the modern digital world.

Proxy service explained

Proxies themselves need a ground to operate on, the physical or digital manifestation of their middle man status, where proxy services come into play. Proxy services are the servers that users connect to request the server’s information that houses the data in question.

While proxy services are less popular for individuals, they’re the premier option for companies looking to protect their data, interests and streamline their digital presence to the maximum.

Through proxy services, they can make the connection speeds that much faster, the communication between the clients and the actual server far safer, and they can even use proxies for purposes such as data harvesting, which are just like proxies becoming more popular each day.

It’s safe to say that a proxy is a worthwhile investment for all companies looking to improve their standing in the digital world.

Benefits of proxy services

Through the use of proxy services, companies and individuals can gain quite a lot of benefits. There are more use cases of proxies for companies than you can imagine, and thus benefits are abundant, the most prominent of which are:

  • Streamlining communication
  • Improving connection speeds
  • Augmenting the security
  • Protecting both parties
  • Ensuring anonymity
  • Balancing internet traffic
  • Handling data packets
  • Saving bandwidth

Companies aren’t the only ones who use proxies, as people can use them for a wide range of things. Through proxies, people can:

  • Protect their browsing on the web
  • Make their connection more stable
  • Protect themselves from hackers
  • Protect against scams, malware, and rootkits
  • Hide their IP from tracking

And these are just some of the highlights. People are always finding new ways to use proxies, and with protocols being developed over the years, proxies are soon going to become a necessity.

What makes a good proxy?

Finding the best proxy for your unique needs starts with assessing them in the first place. By knowing what you need, you’ll know what to look for. Once you find that out, you need to seek a proxy service with favorable customer reviews, a vast proxy pool, fantastic speeds, and preferably, a couple of case studies that substantiate its capabilities. While there are many providers in the industry, you should do thorough research before making a decision. You can start with some market-leading companies, like Oxylabs.

How companies use proxies

Companies use proxies to protect their data. Furthermore, they use it for things such as web crawling. Through proxies, companies can augment their marketing by a considerable amount, grow their database, and prepare for some interesting new things in the corporate world, mainly AI and Big Data technological solutions.

Since most companies are data-driven, protecting their data and accumulating as much as possible is of massive importance – and it wouldn’t be possible without the use of proxies.


Proxies are one of the most important things that make the internet go round. Without the use of proxies, everything would be slow, unsafe, and impractical. Companies and personal use proxies for a selection of reasons, but they all improve the online experience.

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