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What Scenes in the Marvel/DC Movies made you Cringe?


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The thing about Sci-Fi movies is that the audience accepts a certain level of make-believe. A superhero who can fly and is vulnerable to Kryptonite? Sure! Not a problem.

An alien who wants to wipe out half the planet by acquiring infinity stones and snapping his fingers? Sounds natural to me. But some of these movies have had climaxes that made us cringe. And that’s what we’d like to talk about.

Whether you’ve seen DC movies in chronological order or the MCUs multiverses, you have seen some parts that questioned your entire being. Some very confusing traits that transitioned on superhumans made us realize how relatable or how weird they can be.

Here are some famous scenes from the Marvel DC universe that made us cringe.

1. DC’s ‘Martha’

In case you’re wondering whether that’s a superhero name, it’s not. But it is the name that raised more eyebrows in the world than anything. In DC’s Batman vs. Superman, we saw the intense fight scene between the two.

As Batman was ready to slay him with a spear of Kryptonite, Superman had just enough strength to say, ‘Save Martha’. Batman hesitated and asked why’d he say the name.

Oh! His mother’s name is Martha. Both their mother’s name is Martha. Mind blown or cringe? DEFINITELY CRINGE.

It was shocking how a similar name caused these two enemies to stop driving each other through walls and reunite to stop Lex Luthor. The movie had gone for another hour after this scene but to this day, people question the cringe they witnessed.

2. DC’s ‘dead but not really dead’

This may not qualify too much as cringe but something as ridiculous as reviving the dead is somewhat cringed. In DC’s Batman vs. Superman, Superman risks his life to destroy the monster of Lex Luthor.

There is a complete funeral and burial process, where many say goodbye. At the very end of the movie, we see a little bit of dust rising from his grave. That did get the users excited that maybe he’s not dead.

But in the next movie, Justice League, he is revived from the dead. The same creepy fluid that produced the ugly monster for Batman vs. Superman, had the same fluid to revive Superman.

Also, instead of doing the routine “what happened? Where am I? How did I die?” bit, he went full berserk on the same people who just bought him back.

Superman thrashes Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Flash. The only humane thing is that it’s Louis Lane who stops Superman and talks some sense into him. Cringe? You know it!

3. Marvel’s Women day sequence

Now we’re going to take a page from the Marvel universe and their popular movie Avengers: Endgame. The sequence I’m about to share would’ve looked great in a women’s day special or a separate feature. But if you’re during the war, does it call for a gender empowerment moment? (the male avengers are left fighting while the ladies get to have a special montage?) Let me just clear up what I’m trying to say.

When captain marvel returns out of the blue to be part of the war against Thanos’s army, she is responsible for delivering the glove with the stones to the van with Antman.

In this sequence, Spiderman asks her whether she’ll be able to take it there. Suddenly, you hear “Don’t worry! She’s got backup”. And the entire women’s team of Marvel pops up.

There’s Pepper Pots, the ladies of Wakanda, and many others. It’s funny how they have time for wordplay considering all the firing and attacks and everything. Still counts as a cringing scene.

4. Marvel’s ‘Spiderman induction to the avengers’

The cringe of this scene will make more sense if you’ve seen Spiderman Homecoming. The comics approved of this narrative surprisingly, but Spiderman was under the training of Ironman, and he had to learn to be a superhero.

The movie had him dumbed down to being a friendly neighborhood spiderman featuring an extremely doable Aunt May (a mini cringe moment).

But in the movie Avengers: Infinity Wars, Spiderman gets a massive update where he can breathe in outer space, has extra spider legs, and shining eyes. In one scene, he goes with Ironman to save Dr. Strange from giving up the Time Stone.

After saving him, Spiderman pledges to be with them and help them restore balance in humanity (whatever’s left of it). Ironman doesn’t feel like driving back to earth for him, so he goes up to Spiderman and in an induction-style says ‘Alright kid! You’re an Avenger now!’ (OK wait, what?)

Spiderman may have smiled after this scene because he must’ve thought ‘Cool!’ but for God’s Sake, IT’S THANOS THEY’RE AFTER. This qualifies as a cringe moment from the Marvel universe.


The fandom has had a great deal of fun discussing these sequences but from an audience perspective, they could’ve been played or written better. There’s no competition about who has more cringe scenes, but they sure are fun to recall.    

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