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What Tech to Take on Vacation


Traveling is an option once again and it is time to start hitting places on your bucket list. Plan ahead to get great deals and check in with friends and family to include those you love most in your vacation. Pack light to keep your weight to a minimum and don’t forget the gadgets that make life enjoyable. Remembering the essentials from home will keep you from having to spend extra money while traveling on gear you already own.

Music Tech

No matter if you are hiking in the Himalayas or coasting on a Panama Canal cruise, you are going to want to bring a way to listen to your music that doesn’t disturb the other guests and keeps your vibe personal. Packing your wireless headphones or earbuds in the outside pocket of your carry-on will keep them accessible while traveling. Keeping them on you is also an option, and will guarantee they don’t get left behind.

Charging Gadgets

Depending on where you are traveling, make sure to pack a universal plug adapter, or at least extra blocks and chargers. These essentials are small and don’t take up much room in your suitcase but will leave you dead in the water if forgotten. If you will be renting a car at your destination, bringing a car-mounted phone charger is a great idea to make sure your phone is always charged up.

Photography Devices

You know you will be taking lots of pictures on your trip, so why not bring some special tech to make those moments even more spectacular? A camera lens that fits to your phone could be just the device that makes your shots more unique and memorable. You could also pop an air drone into your bag that will help you capture images from angles you otherwise couldn’t reach. A third piece of tech that can record your vacation for you to show others is a virtual reality camera, that takes a 180-degree view that you can share in real-time. Picking up some new photography tech before your trip can make the images amazing and taking them exciting, but make sure you get to know them before departure so there is no learning curve on your trip.

Protection Gear

Whether you are braving the Amazon jungle or the streets of New York City, having a GPS device separate from your phone is a smart safety precaution, and choosing a set that also has walkie-talkie capabilities is a way to stay in contact with your companions if you decide to check out different places. Bringing a small personal alarm that can click on your belt or bag is also important in case of an emergency. A solar-powered light source is also a great piece of gear to have with you in case of power outages.

Convenience Tools

If your idea of a vacation includes relaxing to a movie or show in your cabin, you might want to bring along a fire stick and voice-controlled remote. You will have access to whatever you want to watch by just asking for it. Remember your laptop or tablet if you don’t plan on having a tv available. These are pieces of tech that, if left, behind, are expensive to pick up along the way. Kindles or other reading tools can enhance the convenience of relaxing while on vacation by providing you with new beach books right where you are.

Where you are going for vacation greatly dictates what kind of tech you will want to or can take along. Remember to pack anything you might want to enjoy but to look into insurance on what you decide to bring just in case of loss or theft. If you plan well enough, you will not look back and wish you had brought your tablet or a new lens that fits on your phone. Have a great time and let your tech enhance your trip!

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