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What To Do When Attracting Your First Customer


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Bringing your first customer into your store isn’t something you do straight away. It’s a result of at least months of building a business and working hard to establish your image, both off and online. And getting to this stage in your company’s life is huge, even if it’s natural on the path towards success!

But a lot of business owners find it hard to see that part of their future. You’ve done so much up until this point to get the legal things filed away, to develop a product, and to ensure you’ve got a good following – now how can you ensure someone clicks through to buy?

Understand Your Target Market

If you don’t know who you’re selling to, it’s going to be very, very difficult to get anyone to shop with you. You need to find the people who are going to see the value in your product and/or service, and be willing to pay for it. Which is where researching your market comes into play. You should already know what your ideal customer looks like, and while that person might only be a tiny portion of the market at large, it’s a very good place to start when putting together a marketing campaign.

Make Yourself Easy to Find

Being easy to find means you have an online presence that’s the same across all platforms, a website that’s easy to navigate through, and advertising that’s easy to understand. That’s the first thing a Marketing Agency will tell you – if your customers can’t even find you, they’re not going to buy from you! So ensure you’re building this consistent image; creativity is fine in branding yourself, but it needs to make sense for both your company message and target market.

Bring Your A-Game to the Trade Floor

You can also get out there in person to attract your first customer. Trade shows of all kinds are great places to meet potential customers, and even other businesses you can share trade with. So make sure you’ve dressed up your business in its best imagery; putting up your own booth for people to visit is great, but it can’t be a plain table that visually has nothing to offer! You need that eye-catching element.

Work with Other Companies

As we said earlier, you can work with other companies to bring customers to you. You’re going to share a platform with various other businesses that sell similar products to yours, and it can be beneficial to join forces. You can offer complementary services as a package product, allowing a customer to shop in two places at once, and revenue being split between the two. So start networking with other owners who are in the same position you’re in; these kinds of relationships can be relied upon for years to come.

Attracting your first customer is a challenge, for various reasons. But it’s one every business must take on, so use tips like these to guide the way.

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