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What to Do When You Need Money: 9 Great Options

What to Do When You Need Money 9 Great Options

The average United States citizen has 13 credit obligations at all times. That’s a lot of financial responsibility for one person.

When your income isn’t cutting it you have to decide what to do when you need money. Once the bills start stacking up it can feel like you’ll never dig your way out. Check out these tips for getting a bit of spare cash when your next payday is too far away.

Deciding What to Do When You Need Money Now

With multiple avenues to choose, your options for grabbing extra cash can feel just as overwhelming as your mounting bills.

Try to be strategic, focusing on the most lucrative options based on the duration needed to earn it. For example, if you can get $50 in an hour or $50 in three hours you will pick the $50 in one hour. 

1. Negotiate Your Bills

With more Monopoly money in the United States than US dollars, staying afloat seems like an impossible game. But try reverse engineering your situation by negotiating any upcoming bills. 

You can at the very least get your payments moved back if not reduced slightly. Every penny counts. Even $10 off your cable bill could benefit you while in this rough patch. You may also want to look into alternatives to Mint, as this is a fantastic way for you to make sure that your savings are maximized.

2. Sell Your Plasma

This can become an ongoing source of income if you qualify. Depending on the center you might earn as much as $50 per donation. This is redeemable as soon as you donate at most plasma donation locations.

3. Get a Cash Loan

If you need money immediately but don’t have the credit score needed to secure a credit card you have an alternative option. Try cash loans for a quick way to secure cash, even if your credit score is low.

4. Visit Your Used Bookstore

Do you have old textbooks or romance novels lying around your home? Gather them and drop them off at your local used bookstore. Most used bookstores will give you trade-in credit that can be exchanged for cash.

5. Pawn Unwanted Items

We’re not suggesting you run to the closest pawnshop to get rid of a family heirloom. But if you have jewelry or other valuables you wouldn’t mind permanently parting with you can try pawning them to get a bit of extra cash.

6. Turn Your Knowledge into Cash

Using websites like Udemy or Fiverr, you can turn your knowledge and skill into an income. Through selling services and courses you can line your pockets with substantial side income. This is great for long-term passive income for any future financial binds you might find yourself in.

7. Complete Micro-Tasks on Mechanical Turk

You won’t become a millionaire by any means, but Mechanical Turk can provide you enough extra money to pay a few of your smaller bills each month. More dedicated workers on Mechanical Turk have reported earnings of over $1,000 a month.

8. Begin Babysitting or Pet Sitting

You can make a decent side income by providing pet or childcare services. This can even be done from the comfort of your own home depending on the terms of your agreement.

If you like kids and animals this could be the perfect fit to fixing your financial hardship.

9. Ask for Help

When you find yourself in a bad place financially, don’t isolate yourself. You likely have friends and family who would be happy to help you out.

It’s never recommended to take advantage of people who care about you. But everyone needs a bit of help every once and awhile.

Getting a Quick Solution to Your Money Problems

Even the most financially savvy can find themselves in dire straights under the right circumstances. When you’re wondering what to do when you need money, turn to this article for the guidance needed to get you back on your feet.

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