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What You Should Know About Dry Herb Vaporizers as a Beginner


Since the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana, the marijuana industry has become one of the most successful industries in the world. A lot of people are surprised at the number of customers who flock to the marijuana industry. Since legalization, people are just more open about their consumption habits.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t any new customers in the industry, and if you are considering using marijuana then you might want to try out a dry herb vaporizer to consume cannabis. These devices offer a range of benefits, one of which is the health factor. If you’re considering buying a dry herb vaporizer or simply want to know more about them, here are a few things that you should know as a beginner.

There Are Many Different Devices

The first thing that you should be aware of is that there are many different devices. This is important to know if you’re going to be buying a dry herb vaporizer since each device is suited for different situations.

For example, there are pen vaporizers, on-demand vaporizers, session vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, hybrid vaporizers, and more. If this is all confusing, you can take a look at the various devices here through Daily High Club and then continue reading once you have more context. If you’re looking to consume on the go, then perhaps a pen vaporizer is for you. However, if you primarily consume at home and you don’t want to worry about refilling the chamber, then perhaps you should buy a desktop vaporizer.

The Heating Method Is Important

The next thing to note is that the heating method that the vaporizer uses is very important. There are two main heating methods that dry herb vaporizers use, which are conduction and convection. These methods will determine whether you can start a vaping session and finish it later, or if it would be better to finish the entire session in one go.

If you’re looking to start a session and finish later, then perhaps you should choose a vaporizer that uses the convection heating method. The convection heating method essentially circulates hot air around the marijuana until it is vaporized. The conduction method is not the greatest for starting a session and finishing later since the bottom of the chamber needs to get hot, and the marijuana needs to make contact to vaporize, which means that after you’ve turned the device off, it will continue to heat the marijuana.

You Still Have to Grind the Marijuana

Some people who experienced it using dry herb vaporizers still don’t understand that you need to grind the marijuana before you use the device. While this isn’t all that important when using a convection vaporizer, it is quite important when using a conduction-based vaporizer.

Irrespective of which vaporizer you use, if you don’t grind marijuana, it is clumpy and hard when grouped. By grinding the marijuana, you are making it finer, which makes it easier to vaporize. When you don’t grind the marijuana, the vaporizer might have to work harder than it needs to vaporize the cannabis, which results in a device that doesn’t live out its life expectancy, as well as you needing to change batteries or the atomizer more often.

The Temperature Is Important

The next thing that you should be aware of is that the temperature that you select when using a dry herb vaporizer is important. This is because the temperature that you choose will determine the effects that you experience when vaporizing.

This happens because different cannabinoids are activated at different temperatures; If you select a low temperature, fewer cannabinoids will be activated, and if you choose a high temperature, more cannabinoids will be activated. In addition to this, you need to know the different strains of marijuana and how they react to different temperatures, otherwise, you might run the risk of burning the marijuana.

You Have to Clean the Device

Finally, you have to clean the device often. The good news is that this process isn’t very lengthy and is quite easy. The most important part of the vaporizer that you have to clean is the chamber. This is because residue and resin from marijuana will remain in the chamber, which, when left uncleaned, will cause the vaporizer to work harder than it needs to, and it will also affect the taste.

To give the chamber a quick clean all you need to do is use a brush and brush the chamber out. After that, you can dry fire the vaporizer for a little bit to burn out any residue or resin that is remaining in the chamber.

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