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WhatsApp blocking frequently Forwarded Messages from being shared on Groups

When you look at all the trouble WhatsApp is going to, so as to get rid of fake news on its platform. You are left to wonder if it is still owned by Facebook, as the big social network that seems only interested in knowing more and more about it. Sometimes at all cost.

In its latest campaign to curb Fake News, WhatsApp is now flagging frequently forwarded messages and blocking them from being shared on WhatsApp Groups. The social networking app started off its anti-fake news campaign by limiting the number of time individual users can forward a certain message.

It first blocked forwarding of the same messages multiple times, which is the lifeline of fake news if it wants to go viral. Naturally, the circumvention against this banning would be for fake news to be spread via WhatsApp Groups. Where a huge number of people can read it on the same platform.

WhatsApp is moving forward to block that ability. A message forwarded one too many times will be blocked from being sent to WhatsApp Groups. However, the ability to block frequently forwarded message from Groups will be at the discretion of the Group admins.

Tucked away in the WhatsApp Group settings, Group Admins can go there and choose whether or not they want forwarded messages (those forwarded too many times) to make it to their Group(s).

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