WhatsApp Business now available for iPhone albeit in Beta

whatsapp business iphone

WhatsApp Business is a variant of the popular messaging service WhatsApp that was bought and currently owned by Facebook. WhatsApp has disrupted how people communicate and it has proved to be a critical tool for businesses to interact with stakeholders particularly the customers.

The app has proved very useful particularly to small businesses that cannot afford complex and premium Customer Relation Manager (CRM) software to communicate back and forth with clients.

When it comes to usage, Facebook released the app first only for Android devices users, while leaving out iOS devices users. Now, no one will feel left behind as Facebook avails the platform to users across the two leading mobile platforms.

After the launch of the official WhatsApp Business for Android, which is a compatible version for iOS and a lot of users had asked, today it is finally available in beta,” – reads in part a report by WABetaInfo; a committed fan of the website.

WhatsApp Business was officially launched by Facebook in January 2018 and was initially designed for Android Device. Now that it is also available for iOS, the app comes in a tint of darker blue color and a host of ‘Messaging Tool’ to suit businesses’ needs.

The Messaging Tools include automated greetings, away messages, and quick replies. You also get the ability to migrate your existing WhatsApp accounts and contacts to the WhatsApp Business account. You can also customize your business profiles and configure the business hours by using the Edit menu.

The WhatsApp Business app is available to all countries worldwide and is part of a wider plan by Facebook to make the app more useful to small businesses with the end goal of them (businesses) starting to pay to use.


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