WhatsApp Massive Update Brings Plenty of Exciting New Features: Download Latest WhatsApp 2.12.5

WhatsApp has received a much-needed, major update, which has made it even more interesting. Unlike previous updates, the latest update for WhatsApp 2.12.5 for iPhone was related to a variety of areas and quashed a number of nuisances (No, you still cannot leave shitty WhatsApp group secretly without a public notification) along with inducing some pretty useful changes which promise to make our daily WhatsApp chat experiences more useful. The update covers a variety of areas: muting and unmuting chats, sharing contacts and Apple Maps’ directions directly in WhatsApp, backing up videos, marking conversations as read or unread, swipe gestures and much more. Here is the gist of all the latest updates WhatsApp just received.

You can now take backup of Videos

As we all know, WhatsApp used to backup photos into the media gallery or iCloud, but there was no support for backing up videos. The latest WhatsApp lets you enable support for video backups too. To enable video backups, go to Settings of WhatsApp and head over to Chats and Calls section. Tap on Backup and toggle ON the “Include Videos” option for backups.

Enable Low Data Usage to Save Data Costs

Data usage is a perennial issue for WhatsApp users, especially in countries where cost per KB of data is formidably high. Fortunately, WhatsApp now lets you enable the “Low Data Usage” option which would compress your data during WhatsApp calls. How much compression, you ask? Well, WhatsApp is not much frank about it. No bytes to minutes ration is shared by the company, albeit it says that it would significantly help the users in avoiding high data costs. Just go to WhatsApp Settings to turn or the Low Data Usage option.

Sent Contact Directly in WhatsApp

You can now send a contact information to any WhatsApp contact directly from Contacts app. Just tap the contact you want to share in the Contacts app. Tap on the “Share Contact” option and you will see that among the share options, there lies a WhatsApp icon. Tap on it and it will take you to WhatsApp. Just select the contact in WhatsApp with which you want to share the contact and send. The recipient will be able to save the contact directly in his/her phonebook from WhatsApp using this contact card.

Swipe Gestures

You can now swipe across left or right on any chat in WhatsApp to reveal more options like Delete, Mute, Contact info etc. If you swipe from right to left, you can archive the chat.

Share Apple Maps Locations Directly

The last but very important update in WhatsApp 2.12.5 version lets you share any Apple Maps location directly in WhatsApp without leaving Apple Maps. Just open Apple Maps, go to any location, tap the share option from the top right corner, and you will see a WhatsApp icon in the share options. Tap it and share the Apple Maps direction with any WhatsApp contact.

I wish WhatsApp would have given the much needed feature of getting rid of WhatsApp group, but it seems that is far from possible. Let us know in the comments which updated feature you liked the most.

Download Latest WhatsApp 2.12.5

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