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WhatsApp pushes Photo Filters and Automatic Albums to the iOS app

by Felix Omondi

iOS users are the first to be treated to the new Photo Filter and Automatic Albums WhatsApp is rolling out. The instant messaging app has new features meant to make chatting, sharing pictures and videos more intuitive, organized, and convenient.

This update rollout out to iOS app yesterday and already people are sharing screenshots of the new features working on their iPhones.

Automatic Albums

As it has been, when you share photos with your contact, the receiver gets them as a continuous stream of pictures, videos, or GIFs. Hardly a pretty sight to look at and seems all over the place and disorganized. Well, the WhatsApp update allows you to share pictures in an album; multiple pictures wrapped in one album to bring about some organization and aesthetics to sharing multiple photos, videos, or GIFs.

Photo Filters

These days filters are everywhere, are they? On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even on your camera app. It hardly surprising that WhatsApp now has it; because everyone just wants to ‘fake-slay’ pictures, they’re flaunting to their friends.whatsapp

With this update, you can tweak a picture right on WhatsApp before hitting the send button by applying filters. Currently, you have four options for filters; B&W, Chrome, Film, and Pop.

Quick Replies

Quick replies is perhaps not a new feature, but a revamped feature. You will find this feature particularly useful when you want to respond to a particular message in a chat group. That is especially when there are many chat strings after that particular message. By swiping right on the message, you can quickly reply and not seem to be talking out of context.

If you still don’t have the new feature on your iPhone, head on to the App Store and manually update your WhatsApp app. As for Android users, you will have to wait just a bit longer for the update to roll out to your devices.

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