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WhatsApp releases a new app version for KaiOS powering Jio phones

by Felix Omondi
WhatsApp now available JioPhone running KaiOS

When it comes to mobile operating systems. The major ones are Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. And often, most developers focus on these; well, more like the first two as Windows Mobile is struggling to attract developers. Nonetheless, WhatsApp has pulled a-first-one to appeal to the big mass in India using Jio phones powered by the less popular KaiOS.

The messaging app has now released a version running on the KaiOS. A move that mainly targets users in India, where the Jio phone (powered by KaiOS) is quite popular. Jio phone users in India will be glad to know that they can now join their counterparts using Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile in using the popular messaging app WhatsApp.

WhatsApp on Jio phone features

Now users in India will get the end-to-end encrypted messaging chatting services, ability to make and receive both voice and video calls, share documents, music, photos, and videos. The app, WhatsApp for Jio or rather WhatsApp for KaiOS, is now available on the official Jio phone App Store.

All you need is to grab your Jio phone, go online to the Jio AppStore and install WhatsApp.

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