WhatsApp Status Update has more Active Users daily when compared to Snapchat Stories

WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status Update now has more active users on a daily basis compared to Snapchat Stories. Talk about beating someone at their own game; the Status Update on WhatsApp is what many believe as a copy-cat idea obtained from Snapchat stories.

As a matter of fact, Facebook has been out to copy the best features on Snapchat and integrate them across the various platforms. Look at Instagram Stories on Instagram, Facebook Stories on Facebook, and WhatsApp Status on WhatsApp, these are all feature borrowed from Snapchat.

In the past week, Facebook announced its Q1 results for 2017. In that announcement came a rather surprising development; WhatsApp Status has more active users on a daily basis compared to Snapchat stories. To be precise, it has 175 million active users daily, making up 15% of the total number of active users WhatsApp records in a typical month.

This figure is much higher than that disclosed by Snapchat sometime in February this year. Snapchat revealed there are about 158 million active users daily. The same can be said about the copy-paste features Facebook has taken from Snapchat and integrated it across it various platforms.

Take, for instance, Instagram Stories has become more popular and even surpassing Snapchat’s 158 million active users. Instagram Stories boasts of over 200 million daily active users. Facebook’s cloned Snapchat features were probably going to be a success given the already big number of users the social media giant enjoys. Though Facebook has yet to make public the number on just how many active daily are on Messenger.

Though Snapchat were the pioneers and inventors of these flashy features Facebook is flaunting across its various platforms, it now has it work cut out for it. Snapchat needs to play smart to at least catch up with Facebook, or attempt to surpass it. This is a classic case of being beaten on your own game.

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