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WhatsApp Video Call feature arrives yet again to the Beta version

by Felix Omondi
WhatsApp Video Call feature arrives yet again to the Beta version

WhatsApp Video call feature has been something most users have been waiting on for a long time now. In May this year, there was a tease, when the beta version was spotted with the Video calling feature but was soon yanked out for reasons best known to WhatsApp.

That tease is back again to the beta channel, and hopefully this time round it will stay and mature enough to pass on to the stable channel. Where most of us (the non-technical and risk averse users) like to stay.

The beta WhatsApp version has a new video call button, which when pressed, a prompt comes up giving the two option of making a voice or video call. Currently, the stable version only gives you the voice call option.

However, if you are one of those early-adopter users that are not risk averse on testing half-baked new software. You can download the latest (beta version) WhatsApp APK and install it to see the feature. To make an actual voice call, your contact too needs to download the beta version.

WhatsApp Video Call Features

You have the option of muting voice during the call

You can switch between the front- and rear-camera

You can hang up, or be hanged up on 🙂

This is a beta version so you should expect not such a smooth experience on it until it arrives on the stable version. If you are the type that mind having your apps crashing on you or interfering with other things on your phone like faster battery drains among others. Then, be a little patient, as once the feature arrives at the beta version, it is now a matter of time before it arrives to the stable version.

Unless of course, WhatsApp decides yet again to remove the feature, but I would bet they will not this time round. Not after the introduction of Google’s Duo into the market. Duo is basically a messaging app that allows users make video calls from their smartphones. This development is a threat to the big market share WhatsApp currently holds.

Facebook Messenger video calling would have been considered as competition to WhatsApp Video Call feature, but since the two apps belong to the same company. That is more like cannibalism than competition.

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