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WhatsApp Video Call Now Available To Everyone

by Milicent Atieno
WhatsApp Video Call Feature Now Available To Everyone

Finally, WhatsApp Video Call feature is launched on the stable version and available to virtually anyone running the most recent version. If WhatsApp was popular before with its IM feature, then documents sharing feature, and voice feature. The addition of video calling feature will make it even more competitive in the space of increasingly populated IM apps market.

The WhatsApp video call feature is available across all major mobile operating systems, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. You can now make and receive video calls to and from virtually all your contacts with smartphones.

How to use WhatsApp Video Call feature

It is as easy as pressing the call button you normally do when placing a voice call to your contact. Except this time, pressing the call button will pop up with two option; ‘Voice call’ and ‘Video call.’

WhatsApp Video Call Feature Now Available To Everyone

To make a video call, the person you are calling must also be running the most recent version of the app with this feature. If they still have an earlier version you will get an error message informing you, you contact must update to the recent version for the video call to go through successfully.

I guess, this is one of those times you have to manually update your WhatsApp app if you don’t have the automatic updates enabled.

During a video call, you have the option of switching between the rear and front camera. Something that can be incredibly useful especially if you want to show your contact something happening in your area. You don’t have to turn the cell phone awkwardly with the front camera facing away from you.

There is a bit of a difference in the user interface for iOS and Android devices. Nothing major, just the size and placement of the call button and the area where the picture-in-picture video feeds is displayed.

The WhatsApp voice call is available to all smartphones, from the high-end to the low-end models. However, the 1 billion plus WhatsApp users have been expecting the feature for a long time now. But hey, better late than never!

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