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WhatsApp Web Now Available To iPhone Users

by Felix Omondi
#WhatsApp Web Now Available To iPhone Users

If you are on Android, this is probably old news. However, if you are an iPhone user, you might be glad to know that WhatsApp on Web is finally now available to you. It took eight months or so, but you can now finally chat, exchange pics and videos with your WhatsApp contacts from the convenience of your Safari web browser on your Mac.

With this, you can do away with the tasking routine of switching between your computer and smartphone. While you multitask between getting work done on your computer and catching up with friends on WhatsApp on your phone. Now, you won’t need to move at all from your computer, just switch to a different tab in your browser. This act could be much easier if you know the keyboard shortcuts of switching between tabs on browsers.

To get started, head on to on your desktop browser, scan the QR Code displayed using your iPhone’s WhatsApp app. Make sure you have internet connection enabled on your phone.

This feature was just recently rolled out to iPhone users, and not all iPhone users might have it yet. If your WhatsApp app does not have this feature enabled yet, you might want to give it some short time before trying again. Otherwise, you could try upgrading to the latest WhatsApp version from the Apps Store.

WhatsApp Web is currently available to users on the following platforms: Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia S60 and Nokia S40.WhatsApp Web Now Available To iPhone Users

WhatsApp web also got a recent upgrade that makes it have more mobile-like features like move control on chats and group conversations. The browser version also now gives users more options; you can edit your profile picture and change your status message. The UI has also been tweaked a bit. So if you are on iPhone, go ahead and give it a try.

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