Is WhatsApp working on Native Apps for Windows and Mac Computers?

Is WhatsApp working on Native Apps for Windows and Mac Computers?

We all probably know about WhatsApp, that nifty instant messaging app now owned by Facebook that lets you send text, pictures, and videos to all your phonebook contacts. Yes, more recently they added the voice calling feature and rumor has it video calling and voicemail feature could be in the works.

All WhatsApp’s nifty features make it the go-to platform for most users especially in emerging economies for all their ‘SMSing’, picture, and video sharing platform. The voice calling feature though sometimes useful; the call quality is something you have to bear with.

Things might get even more interesting if rumors being peddled around by Twitter account @WABetaInfo are anything to go by.

Apparently, WhatsApp is working on launching the native apps for Windows and Mac computers. WhatsApp has so far remained a mobile-first and mobile-only service.

Sure you can chat on WhatsApp on your computer, but the platform requires you first to scan a QR code to pair it with the app on your phone, and even then. Your WhatsApp account needs to run and connected to the internet while you are chatting via the desktop browser. More details on this (WhatsApp Web) in our earlier articles.

If or when WhatsApp runs natively on computers, users will enjoy richer functionalities like they probably do while using Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout or any of the other instant messaging apps like Line, Viber, or WeChat.

This far, WhatsApp greatest selling point has been the ease of getting on the platform; no registration, usernames, and passwords. That is probably why it has grown so fast to be quite so popular despite the fact it does not particularly offer a different service from the tens of other instant messaging apps out there.

The ability to chat on WhatsApp on your computer without the need of having your phone around is certainly something most users have wished ever since the WhatsApp Web feature was launched.

Already the messenger supports some form of file sharing. There are also rumors that it could soon support ZIP files transfers. That will mean users can now exchange any type of files, as they will only first need to insert any file into a ZIP file and voila! You can now send the ‘ZIPed’ file via WhatsApp.

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