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When Should You Consider Quantity Over Quality?


It’s a common sentiment that quality always trumps over quantity when it comes to what you should prioritize. However, those in business will know that this isn’t always true, and there will be times when going against common wisdom can have successful results. Opening your eyes to this can mean that you become aware of more convenient or efficient solutions to certain areas of business, potentially saving you money and allowing you to reorganize the way you do things.

As always, though, the trick is moderation, and taking this sentiment too far can have you ignoring quality completely where such an approach might not be advisable.


If there is a part of your business that relies on transportation of goods in order to function, you might find that getting as much use out of the transportation space that you have available can help you to be efficient with the money that you spend here. Of course, you don’t want to get to a point where you’re jeopardizing the safety and well-being of your goods by cramming them too tightly together, but that’s where certain specialist tools and approaches can come in handy.

For example, if you find yourself dealing with foods, chemicals, or animal feed, you might find that an electric truck air compressor can help you to absolutely maximize the potential of the space that’s provided to you, getting as much of your stock from point A to B in one fell swoop.

The Balance

The trick is that there will be several times when quantity seemingly matters as much as quality. However, to describe these as situations where quantity trumps quality would be untrue, as without the assurance of quality, you’ll just have a high quantity of low-quality goods on your hands.

If this is in reference to your products, you don’t want to over-supply if the demand isn’t there, as you’ll just spend money that you won’t expect to make back. However, if you’re talking about something like email newsletters or physical marketing leaflets that you’re sending out, you want to ensure that these reach as vast of an audience as possible so that you can expand your reach – but ignoring quality here will mean that they don’t have the desired effect, meaning a balance is required.

Social Media Followers

There is a caveat here, as you don’t want to reach a point where your followers are all just bots or inactive accounts, but in general, a high number of followers on your social media pages is going to be something that reflects well on your business as a whole. This can mean that your marketing can reach further, and you might even find that this growth makes further growth even easier and exponential to a certain extent, but that might come down to how you play it.

As this just refers to the number of followers that you have, you don’t necessarily need to see quality here; the quality needs to be present in what you’re showcasing to them – be it your marketing or your services.

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