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Where Does Google App Save Downloaded Images in Samsung Galaxy S8, Other Phones?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 users don’t know where the Google App saves the downloaded images. On the Google App, when they hit the “download image”, it downloads the image, but the users are unable to find it anywhere on their phone. It is not visible in the Google photos or the Samsung’s Gallery App. Moreover, the users get a notification from the download manager which informs that the image has been downloaded. It is sure that the image has been downloaded because if the user tries to download it again, it appends a one next to the file name. Here is where the Google App saves the downloaded images on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Where Does Google App Save Downloaded Images?

Downloads App

Samsung Galaxy S8 has a Downloaded App. There are pretty high chances that the downloaded image will be in this App. Usually, the files downloaded from Google App are saved out of order or with the wrong date. Thus, scroll down the folder and search for the downloaded image file. It is most likely that the file will be buried somewhere over there. If you are still unable to find the downloaded image in this App, then go to the File Explorer App. In the File Explorer App, look under the downloaded or pictures folder.


Another solution you can try to find where Google App saves downloaded images is to open the downloaded image directly from the notification. The notification appears once the image has been downloaded.

Storage Permission

Make sure the Google App has storage permission so that it is able to download images. Once the App has storage permission, the pictures downloaded through it can be found in the Gallery App and in the File Browsers. To check the App permissions, go to the App Manager in Settings and check for the App Permission for the Google App.

Factory Reset

To factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S8, turn off your device. Then, press and hold the volume up key and the Bixby key, then press and hold the power key. Release all the keys when the green Android logo appears. Now, press the volume down key several times to enable wipe data or factory reset. Press the power button to select. Then, press the volume down key until ‘yes, delete all user data’ appears. Finally, press the power button to select and start the master reset. After the master reset is completed, select ‘reboot system now.’


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