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Where to Download DJ Mixes in MP3 for FREE


In this internet age, music enthusiasts have unprecedented access to a vast array of DJ mixes, available for free in MP3 format. These mixes offer a convenient way to discover new music, enjoy seamless transitions between tracks, and experience the creative flair of DJs from around the world.

Whether you’re a casual listener or an aspiring DJ looking for inspiration, here are some of the best places to download DJ mixes in MP3 format for free.

  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a treasure trove for music lovers, featuring millions of tracks from artists and DJs worldwide. Many DJs upload their mixes directly to SoundCloud, and some even offer them for free download. To find free MP3 downloads, search for mixes tagged with “free download” or check the download options provided by the uploader. SoundCloud’s community-driven nature ensures a constant influx of fresh mixes across all genres.

  1. Mixcloud

Mixcloud is another popular platform dedicated to DJ mixes, radio shows, and podcasts. While Mixcloud itself doesn’t offer direct downloads, many DJs provide links to free MP3 downloads in the descriptions of their mixes. These links often lead to personal websites, Bandcamp pages, or other hosting services where you can download the mixes for free. Mixcloud’s extensive library and focus on high-quality audio make it a favorite among mix enthusiasts.

  1. The Artist Union

The Artist Union is a platform that connects DJs and producers with fans. It offers a unique approach where listeners can download tracks and mixes for free in exchange for social media engagement, such as follows, likes, or reposts. This mutually beneficial system supports artists while providing listeners with high-quality, free MP3 downloads. The Artist Union is especially popular among electronic dance music (EDM) fans.

  1. PromoDJ

PromoDJ is a Russian-based platform that caters to DJs and electronic music enthusiasts. It features a vast collection of DJ mixes, tracks, and remixes available for free download. Users can browse by genre, popularity, or recent uploads to find the perfect mix. PromoDJ’s user-friendly interface and robust search capabilities make it easy to discover and download MP3 mixes from both established and emerging DJs.

  1. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library offering free access to millions of digital items, including DJ mixes. Its Live Music Archive section is particularly valuable, featuring a vast collection of live DJ sets and mixes from various genres and events. All content is available for free download, and the archive’s commitment to preserving digital culture ensures that you’ll find rare and unique mixes not available elsewhere.

  1. is a platform similar to SoundCloud, where DJs and producers upload their mixes and tracks. Many artists offer their mixes for free download, either directly on the platform or through external links.’s clean interface and strong community focus make it a great place to discover new mixes and support independent artists.

  1. DJCity

DJCity is a digital record pool primarily used by professional DJs. However, it occasionally offers free downloads of exclusive mixes, remixes, and tracks. By following DJCity on social media or subscribing to their newsletter, you can stay updated on the latest free offerings. DJCity’s high standards ensure that the available mixes are of professional quality.

Finding DJ mixes in MP3 format for free has never been easier, thanks to the numerous platforms and resources available online. Whether you’re exploring SoundCloud’s extensive library, engaging with artists on The Artist Union, or delving into the Internet Archive’s vast collections, there’s a wealth of mixes waiting to be discovered.

These platforms not only provide access to high-quality music but also support the artists by expanding their audience and fostering community engagement. So, dive in and start exploring the world of free DJ mixes today!

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