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Which are the Things you Should Know about using an Online Betting App?


Our smartphones and tablets allow us to do all sorts of things that were not possible several years ago. We’ve come a long way since the first iPhone, which is why there are billions of smartphone users worldwide. What’s even more impressive is the number of applications, which keeps getting bigger by the day.

Aside from the different social media apps and games, there are all sorts of things you will have the chance to put to the test. This also includes several gambling apps that online bettors can download and install on their devices. As expected, those things had a massive impact on the iGaming industry and are one of the main reasons why there are more mobile bettors now than ever before.

Although downloading and installing a gambling application might seem like a straightforward process, there are a few things that you should keep in mind about them. So, let’s check everything that online bettors should be aware of before they start punting.

Most gambling applications are only available for Android and iOS

One of the first things you have to know about betting on the go is that the applications are only available for Android and iOS. So, if you decide to take a look at the Bet365 app at, you have to use one of the two operating systems to download and install it.

To be fair, the majority of online bettors are using one of the two things anyway because Android and iOS have always been the most popular options. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that there are many other mobile OS out there. Although Symbian is no longer one of the big players in this business, some people are still using it. The same goes for Windows Phone and Huawei’s new OS. The latter is probably going to become a lot more popular in the future, so we won’t be surprised if some of the best betting applications will be optimized for it.

There are more apps for Android than iOS

Android is the world’s leading mobile operating system, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise because most smartphone manufacturers use it. The fact that it is so popular means that most online punters are also utilizing it on a daily basis. As a result, the leading online casinos and bookmakers create applications only for Android.

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, but the majority of online betting applications become available to Android customers before they can also be downloaded for iOS. So, if you want to make sure that you will have access to the newest gambling app, it is probably a good idea to use Google’s operating system.

Despite Android’s popularity, you probably won’t have the option to download the app for this OS from Google Play

Even though Google’s mobile operating system is more popular than everything else, the iGaming operators rarely have the opportunity to upload their product to Google Play. If you take a look at the Bet365 mobile app review by Nostrabet, you will see that even some of the world’s most prominent iGaming companies have problems with Android. Despite the popularity of online betting, Google is not happy when some brands want to promote their apps on the official store. As a result, it has strict criteria that every company has to abide by to get permission.

Since some online casinos and bookmakers can’t comply with the regulations, they prefer to create their own gambling apps in the form of an apk file. Of course, this file can’t be uploaded to Google Play, so the brands that offer it allow their users to download the file from their platforms. Installing an apk file is more complicated than it seems because you have to change some of your device’s settings.

If you have an iPhone, you will find the app on the App Store, but this isn’t always true for iPads

If you are not a fan of Android, the chances are that you are using iOS. Apple has loads of customers all over the world because they like the fluidity and simpleness of its operating system. What’s even more impressive about iOS is that the bookies with a mobile app for this platform can usually upload it to the App Store. Consequently, you don’t need to install any additional files or change your device’s settings. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, so try to read all of the requirements before you start betting.

Another thing to keep in mind about the betting apps for iOS is that not all of them are available for iPads. In fact, most popular companies do not offer apps for iPads, so you have to use a different iOS device.

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