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While China’s working on artificial Moon, Japan wants to give us artificial Meteor Showers

meteor showers

There is a Japanese startup that has built a microsatellite and launched it into orbit. But this microsatellite has a rather peculiar payload. It is not some advanced technology for monitoring the weather, look deep into space, or help researchers back home to do their research. No, it contains 400 tiny balls that can be released back to Earth on demand to create artificial meteor showers.

When the tiny balls fall back into Earth, they will burst into flames due to the friction they will be having with the atmosphere. People on Earth looking up will see them as meteor showers. And in essence, this Japanese company will be able to provide meteor showers on-demand.

The startup, ALE Co. Ltd (Asto Live Experiences), says it will provide its meteor showers on-demand service to everyone wishing to pay across the world. The company is currently working on building a stockpile of these tiny balls and creating more microsatellite to launch into space in the future.

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Once the satellites are in orbit, they can be programmed to eject the balls at just the right location, speed, and direction for viewers of meteor showers on the ground. The company can also tinker with the chemical composition of the balls in order to manipulate the color of the glow of the artificial meteor shower. They could possibly offer a multi-colored flotilla of shooting stars.

Each ball can shine for a few seconds before it is completely burned up; that is well before they fall too close to the ground to pose danger to lives and property. The startup says the glow will be bright enough to be seen even in a light-polluted metropolis such as Tokyo.

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