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Why Cryptocurrency Casino is Better than Regular Online Casinos?

by Felix Omondi

Photo by Art Rachen on Unsplash

There are as many activities you can do online as there are stars you can count in the universe. Unfortunately, there are only so many activities you can take part in before you start running out of time. Let’s not talk about yesterday (yester-decades or yester-millenniums), but in today’s time, time is money.

Since money makes the world go round. Time is a resource you cannot afford to waste. Speaking of time, we all know that the fun things in life seldom put food on our table, pay our bills, and make us upright members of society.

Let’s not beat around the bush, we’re talking about the quite emotive topic of gambling. For every positive story you hear about a big win that changed someone’s life, there are five stories quite to the contrary. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Casino Gambling

Some wise guys came up with the snappy phrase, “you can’t have your cake and eat it.” Yeah, those wise guys were probably living in the industrial age, just a few decades short of the stone age. Back then, hard work was rewarded, but the smart guys of today will tell you smart work beats hard work hands down; any day, all day.

So be a Smart Guy

Sure, gambling can be addictive, and it won’t take much time or effort to see the lives, families, relationships, and careers it has ruined. All the things a smart person is allergic to, or as a smart Italian would say:

Sono allergica/o a i problemi. Non voglio vivere una vita infelice.

However, the human civilization didn’t defy laws of gravity, physics, and bend the course of nature by running away from fear.

No, they did all that by approaching each challenge or danger with a smart plan. So, where’s the smart game plan when it comes to gambling?

You can’t deny those who bagged the bag – that is, casino jackpot – smiled all the way to the bank. However, you don’t want to risk your hard-earned paycheck or put your own (and that of your family’s) financial security on the line. No sir! There are smarter ways to go about it.

Che Cosa Ci Consiglia, Cryptocurrency Casinos?

As we started off, there is plenty of stuff you can do online. People go on the internet to gossip on social media, to binge-watch hours after hours of movies, and others to play video games, among other things.

Suppose you are a gambler that knows their limits in terms of time and resources spent on online gambling. Then you should find yourself not being part of the sad statistics of the lives ruined by gambling.

Speaking of resources, did you know there are cryptocurrency casinos? As the name suggests, these are gambling sites that take up cryptocurrency as deposits, and payout players win in the same crypto coins. A good example is the WAGMI crypto slots.

The Many Ways of Killing a Rat

With an online cryptocurrency casino, you just might kill a rat in many ways, and in this instance, from two fronts:

  • Earn Cryptocurrency: Techies spend a fortune in high-end gizmos to mine bitcoins and other altcoins. A smart gambler could stack up their crypto assets by playing and winning crypto payouts from cryptocurrency casinos. The more you win, the higher your crypto-worth.
  • Real-World Cryptocurrency utility: You have heard world governments grow warm and cold over making cryptocurrency mainstream, like fiat currencies. Some governments, like China, have come out to completely ban them. The U.S. government is particularly warm and cold at the same time. Suppose you have some cryptoassets in your portfolio; cryptocurrency casinos provide a real-world vendor accepting crypto payments. That is real-world cryptocurrency utility readily available.

Not forgetting that, like with every asset in the economy, they gain value with time. Your crypto-winnings’ worth follows real-world cryptocurrency valuation. Experts within the crypto space believe cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream.

As cited by various major and authoritative news outlets, major companies are accepting cryptocurrencies. That includes the likes of Microsoft, PayPal, Whole Foods, and Starbucks, to mention a few.

So you can think of your gambling habits in much the same way as a bitcoin miner does when buying that next-level GPU graphic card and computer system for mining. The smarter you play, the better your odds of ammersing crypto wealth.

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