Why didn’t the Safaricom-installed CCTVs Cameras around Nairobi capture anything on the Dusit Terrorist attack?

Safaricom-installed CCTVs Cameras around Nairobi

A little over three years ago, Kenya’s leading telecommunication company Safaricom got a beefy contract from the government to set up the Integrated, Control, and Communication Center. A cutting-edge system made up of high definition CCTV cameras covering the streets of the capital Nairobi and the coastal city of Mombasa, which is a top tourist destination.

Well, on Tuesday, January 14, a group of four terrorists linked to the al-Shabaab Islamic militants operating out of Somalia conducted a terror attack at a hotel and business complex Dusit at Riverside Drive. The cowardly attack left at least 21 people dead, and many other nursing both physical and psychological wounds.

It appears there was no intelligence that had wind of an impending attack at the Dusit Riverside Drive. To put things plainly, the law enforcement and intelligence agency were all caught by surprise. Though we have to commend them for the professional and speedy measure they took to secure people trapped at Dusit hiding from the terrorist, and the manner they diffused the situation.

Be that as it may, many Kenyans are wondering if, at all the Integrated, Control, and Communication Center installed by Safaricom is really working. If it were, there should be a least footage that caught the terrorist making their way in their car towards Dusit. Since there is no footage – none whatsoever – Kenyans on Twitter put to task Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore to explain.

Put in mind the Integrated, Control, and Communication Center was set up at a cost of Ksh15 billion ($148 million). This conversation was sparked off on Twitter by Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo and the rest of Kenyans on Twitter (KoT) joined in. Below is a snippet of how that conversation took place on Twitter:

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