Why Do You Need a Virtual Medical Scribe?

Why Do You Need a Virtual Medical Scribe?


If you want to use your time better, and see more patients with shorter waiting times, you need a remote medical scribe.

A medical scribe will save you from having to enter data into the EMR (electronic medical records) system yourself. If you have to fill out the EMR in front of your patient(s), they may perceive you as not paying attention to them when they’re trying to describe their symptoms to you. It’s also not great to have to wait until they leave the exam room before you start typing up their notes, as other patients then have to wait longer to be seen.

A virtual medical scribe will help you use your time better.

The Benefits of Using a Virtual Medical Scribe

A medical scribe takes notes of patient and doctor interactions as they happen. This could be during medical examinations and usually happens in real-time. The medical scribe can also accompany doctors during patient visits and take notes of what happens during the visit.

There are various benefits to using the services of a virtual medical scribe in your practice:

  • Patients feel more comfortable if they are alone with the doctor in the examination room. There is often not enough space to make them feel at ease if there is a doctor and an in-person medical scribe with them in the examination room. Patients may feel as if they are being judged by an additional person.
  • A virtual scribe is also a great option if you’re in a remote area where it’s difficult to get a qualified scribe to come and work at your clinic or hospital.
  • A virtual scribe is a convenient option if you or your practice work from multiple locations. The scribe can work for all the doctors in the practice and it won’t matter where they see their patients.
  • The scribe can assist by filling out data and charts and responding to messages.
  • The virtual medical scribe can be useful when it comes to finding information in tests, reports, and various notes. The scribe can research any additional information that is needed by the medical practitioner.
  • They need to create letters to referring doctors.
  • Many scribes are training to be in the medical field, so they have a medical background, and understanding of the field.
  • If you hire a virtual medical scribe through an agency, you won’t have to spend time training them on the EMR and getting them used to your workflow. An agency will usually train several scribes in the workflow and preferences of a doctor.

Final Thoughts

If you use the services of a virtual medical scribe, you’ll have more time to focus on the care of your patients. The scribe will handle all your electronic medical records and clinical charting off-site.

Using a virtual scribe will also give you continuity in your practice as this can be a complicated job. The scribe needs to interpret your conversation with the patient, and then create a document with the relevant coding to send to the coders and billers.

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