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Why Does Your Business Need A VPN For Your Remote Team?


We all swear by zoom meetings, video, and skype calls during these days. So your remote team and business are going well even in the middle of this pandemic.

Well done! But what if someone is constantly spying on your company’s moves, and maybe their ultimatum is to steal your firm’s data?

No wonder there are thousands of cases like this swept under the rug.

Make sure that your organizations don’t fall into the same, using secured VPN  connections today and enjoying its benefits.

Look if there is a free VPN download, but hey, it’s your business; it needs investment. VPNs are affordable and sufficient to make sure your remote team’s data is safe and secure.

Risks Of Remote Access For Remote Teams & How VPN Benefits Businesses?

As per business today, big companies like Google have saved $1 billion by enabling their employees to work from home. That sounds like a great deal in terms of capital.

But the remote work model cannot work without the help of a VPN. So here are a few solid reasons why you need a VPN for your remote business.

  • Remote Accessibility

As per the Gartner survey, 88% of organizations have supported employees to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We can feel that working remotely is a quick and forced transition every business has made recently. That being said, it’s crucial to make resources, data, and files easily accessible to each one of your employees.  Your office has a network, and all the data is stored in a data center (maybe in the cloud) now.

To make it accessible to your remote workers, you need a remote VPN.

With the help of a VPN, any employee can access or work on your website and make modifications. The interesting part is that you can create custom gateways for different people to identify the person accessing any file and manage it.

Remote access VPN allows your employees to work from any public or home wifi and secure data and privacy. With a static and fixed IP address, your employees and you can easily filter out an anonymous person or internet identity intercepting your data.

  • Top-Notch Security

The growing number of cyberattacks are making employees more unsafe. They think twice before using any public wifi or browsing websites. This is where a good VPN connection boosts productivity instead of fretting about logging in and out of the system.

It’s important to understand that you can create your own private and secured connection for your team for communication by using a VPN. The encrypted device will ensure that no one can control your organization’s data or files.

From employee payroll data to customer satisfaction reports, everything can be locked in a central database, and offsite employees can access the same without interference from third parties or hackers.

  • Data Encryption

A Forbes article pointed out that apart from the basics, asking your employees to have stronger passwords, two-step authentications, etc. It’s good to make sure that all the communication channels for your remote team are end-to-end encrypted.

But why so?

The goal is to create an encrypted tunnel between all your communication devices. In short, it enables data to travel through a protected tunnel from the user’s to the corporate network. The encryption method scrambles data which means it alters data in some random way so that it isn’t read by any third party except the authorized parties, in this case, your employees and remote workers.

This means remote employees are now saved and safeguarded from hackers.

Everything needs to be encrypted from end to end, whether it’s video conferences, audio calls, multimedia news, email, etc.

  • Affordable Cost

Kudos to all those businesses who are working even in these uncertain times. We know that businesses run on money, but VPN connections are an investment that doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

A VPN isn’t that expensive for an organization. It’s cloud-based, simple, and easy to use technology. Also, a  remote access VPN is the most affordable solution for your organization if you’re serious about your privacy.

On average, with all the options available in the market, you can start with less than $10 monthly. And that isn’t such a huge investment as compared to your employees and data security.

It’s crucial to look at all the options, your needs and then select a VPN.

  • No Geographic Restrictions

Having team members all over the place? That’s okay.

The good news is that a VPN lets you stay in the U.K. and access the geo-blocked content of China for work or any real-time surfing. With the help of a VPN, remote workers can easily access international content and change their IP address so no one can found out their real location.

It offers a comfortable and safe environment to perform all the action for your remote team. Also, there are several online activities you can improve by using a VPN.


It’s best to have a VPN usage policy for your remote employees. If they don’t understand the new privacy systems, you can easily define those components.

The world is adjusting to the new normal, so it’s better to upgrade your privacy and security policies with the help of a VPN.

Now is the time to understand and leverage the benefits of VPN for your business.

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