Why doesn’t iPhone 4 have WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most common messaging App being used worldwide. It connects you to your friends and family. iPhone 4 users are facing the issue that they are unable to install WhatsApp on their phones. When they try to download the App

through Apple’s App Store, it displays an error that the item is no longer available. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is dropping support for older smartphones which are incompatible with its latest and killer features.

Why doesn’t iPhone 4 have WhatsApp

The reason for not being able to download WhatsApp on your iPhone 4 is most probably because the latest version of WhatsApp is not supported by the older iOS version of iPhone. The iPhone 4 can only run up to iOS 7.1.2 whereas the latest version of WhatsApp requires iOS 8 or higher. So, you should grab a new iPhone if you want to enjoy the features of WhatsApp. Your iPhone 4 is obsolete and cannot run the required iOS version needed.

A solution you can try to install WhatsApp on your iPhone is to install it through iTunes on your PC. But this would only be possible if you have the copy of the old version of WhatsApp on your iTunes. Otherwise, go to

to download the App for your iPhone 4 from here.
Fahad Saleem

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