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Why Doing Programming Assignments is Not Easy for Every Student


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There is no doubt that programming is currently the most significant skill. Being the most in-demand skill set in the world, it is extremely valued. But the market right now does not offer many coders.

It has been regularly reported that programming is a hard nut to crack. The majority of people go through a tough time while learning programming. In contrast, some programmers seem to be able to effortlessly master programming languages like C++, Matlab, Python, and JavaScript.

Nonetheless, the majority still struggle with programming and find it highly difficult to deal with its assignments. But why is that the general belief? Why do people crib about programming assignments help? You will find out as you progress through this article.

There is little knowledge of it among most people

Most people do not have any experience with programming, which is one of the reasons they find its assignments so difficult. The adult population has had very little course to teach them the concept at their younger ages. Most schools do not provide it in their curriculums. They do not have the modern knowledge and the teaching methods to follow to teach it effectively. 

Quite similar to this, there is not sufficient study material either available for reference. So, unless learned through self, it is impossible to hold any knowledge. And even specific courses at times can be costly, making it a financial burden, provided not everyone can afford it.

The entire crux of programming is different

When we are talking about the assignments of traditional subjects, they differ highly in terms of nature. The way traditional subjects are studied is poles apart from programming.  Our education and daily lives demand a variety of skills; however, coding is fundamentally different from all of them. It in itself is a skillset that contains various technicalities. 

As a result, many people resort to online experts when they need assistance with programming assignments. And it is common to need someone to get your programming assignment done. Because adjusting to a completely new skillset that you have never been familiar with is a task. Especially when there is a major lack of resources.

Abundance of expectations

Almost everyone around us has grown with this mindset that coding is something that is out of the world difficult. It is something unworldly.

However, the advent of online courses, programs, boot camps, and other initiatives related to coding has filled the overabundance of optimism in many people’s minds. Making people believe that with too much devotion, it is attainable. Give your life to it, and the skill will adapt to you itself.

But that might be a utopian assumption. Programming cannot be mugged. It cannot be learned. Programming is an abstract concept that you need to build upon gradually. But with the sudden blast of such courses and as soon as you move to college, you find yourself in a position where the coursework is huge. And the corporate expectations are unearthly. And to meet those expectations, the bulk of the course becomes overwhelming and difficult to tackle.

Mistakes are crucial

One of the differences between programming and most other disciplines taught in schools is that making mistakes is necessary for learning. The more mistakes you make, the greater your scope to master them. Every new mistake unravels a new skill and you achieve a new milestone. And it is alright to take help.

And the majority of the time a student who would score all A(s) becomes disheartened. They believe that programming is unattainable. However, they fail to understand this is just the way how you adapt to it. And make your skills work around this concept. 

Adapting to a programming language is difficult

The popular belief is learning your first programming language is impossible. And it is difficult, to be honest. Being introduced to a whole new language where the approach is entirely different from the traditional one. The way to read, learn and understand, it ill is new. Hence, needing help with your assignments is normal. Rather it becomes necessary to absorb the knowledge properly.

But the going gets much, much easier once you master your first programming language. 

While you are learning a whole new way of thinking, reading, and expressing yourself, each microscopic step you make until you reach this stage will seem monumental. 


Programming is not so easy. The different languages it gives you to deal with are highly technical. Especially when compared to traditional coursework, understanding, and practicing it is different. And it becomes even more confusing with the lack of reference material. Hence, with so many abstract concepts involved, solving programming assignments becomes pretty challenging. So, to make your life and learning easy, you can always get your programming assignment done with some external help.

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