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Why Even Adults Need To Be Wary Of Social Media Use


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Social media platforms have many useful purposes. From connecting with friends to curating a timeline of your best moments, sharing photos, and taking the time to reconnect with family, there has never been a better time to connect with people around the world.

Moreover, social media can give you the means to discuss a range of topics, from politics on Twitter to more hobbyist craft interests on Reddit. It’s true that even lucrative careers have been hosted on social media, as the rise of influencers have proven that public clout can be monetized.

Of course, social media, or at least an unrestricted version of it, is unsuitable for children. Privacy settings go some of the way, but we must always be aware that children aren’t solely at risk from these platforms. It’s good to be mindful of how you use social media even as an adult, and in this post we’ll discuss some means to keep in mind as far as that’s concerned:

Cyberbullying & Harassment Can Target Adults, Too

Social media can be a breeding ground for cyberbullying and harassment, particularly for adults who may be targeted for their professional or personal views. It’s important for adults to be aware of the potential for online abuse and to take steps to protect themselves, such as by limiting the personal information they share online and by blocking or reporting any users who engage in harassing behavior. Moreover, don’t engage in this activity yourself, even if it can be tempting to engage in a Twitter argument. Look in any YouTube comment section and you’ll see people who fall victim to those impulses. So, remember that just because you’re older, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore good practice.

Damaging Reptuations

Social media can have a major impact on anyone’s reputation, both professionally and personally. One ill-advised post or comment can quickly spread and cause damage that is difficult to repair. It’s important for every user to be mindful of the content they share on social media and to consider the potential consequences before hitting “post.”

Some services can help you remove information from the internet if you need to. That said, there’s nothing like good candor, and making sure that your personal, real profiles are properly protected with the right privacy settings.

Privacy Issues Are Always Relevant

Social media platforms often collect vast amounts of data about their users, which can be accessed by third parties for a variety of purposes. You should be aware of the privacy risks associated with social media and take steps to protect your personal information. If you’re not asked for it to open your profile, don’t give the information. For instance, there’s no reason as to why Facebook needs to know your address.

You can also reject tracking requests on certain operating systems like iOS, meaning that advertisers have a harder time tracking your activity and building a profile on you. Other web extensions, like Decentraleyes, can work wonders too.

Doomscrolling & Addictive Behavior

It’s easy for anyone to get caught up in the endless scroll of social media and lose track of time. This can be particularly problematic for those who use social media for work, as it can lead to decreased productivity and potentially even job loss. It’s important for adults to be mindful of their social media usage and to set limits to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with their daily responsibilities. Remember, these apps are designed to use as much of your time as possible. It’s why the ‘pull down to refresh’ mechanic was based on how slot machines work – pull down and get a new thing.

Studies have shown that excessive social media use can have negative impacts on mental health, including increased feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Moreover, doomscrolling, such as by constantly reading comment sections about difficult news articles or reading arguments can take a toll on your spirit. Many people found themselves doomscrolling constantly during the peak of Covid-19, for example, and whenever a new development in the Ukraine wars is known. It’s good to step back, and set time limits on your social media use, or even uninstall the apps if they’re causing you harm.

With this advice, you’re sure to be wary of social media use and prevent it from taking up too much room in your life. Remember not to let it use you, rather only use it when you have a purpose. This can help you avoid habitual addiction. With the candor laid above, you will do that in the healthiest manner possible.

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