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Why is Game Development So Hard?


People who are not in the gaming industry really do not understand how hard the task of game development truly is. They do not realize the labor and money that is required to get a project running and keep it running for the full. Development cycle.

I have included some of the major reasons why game development is so challenging and hopefully, it will open anyone’s mind that thought it was an easy task.


To make a video game that has zero glitches or bugs is a huge accomplishment. It may not be hard to make a game like Tetris that is very basic, but we are not talking about those types of games.

Imagine programming a huge open-world game such as Skyrim. That takes a massive amount of knowledge, and even then, it is easy to mess up here and there and have a major problem when the game is finished.

Another reason why programming is so difficult in video games is that little glitches are easy to look over, but when you get the final stretch of development they must be fixed. The problem is that those glitches could have a snowball effect and cause other problems in the end game.

Programming for difficult video games makes game development a very hard task for even experts in the field.

Making it Fun

Even after you have developed a game with no bugs or glitches, it still does not mean that it is worth anything. The reason for this is that the game must be fun enough for people to want to play it.

A game that is not fun is not going to make any money, and that is a death sentence for any game development company that wants to run a successful business.

Sometimes luck is involved in this factor, and that is what makes it extra challenging.

What your team might think is fun might not be fun to the market, so making it a priority to make the game fun for everyone is kind of a gray area. Not knowing how the video game market is going to react to your game until it is a final product is another factor that makes game development so tough.

Being a Jack of All Trades

To develop a complex video game, you have to have the knowledge of a lot of areas of game development. It is tough to be an expert on everything and that is why game development is a tough industry because there is a lot of knowledge required for different topics to build a complete game.

A good tip for this point is that if you are not an expert in a certain area, you could outsource the development to an expert in that sector. For instance, if you needed help with porting or game testing, you could outsource your work to

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