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Why SEO is Crucial for Every Startup Business


Fact: the majority of startup businesses close shop within the first four years. This morbid truth is more often than not brushed off by every entrepreneur hoping that their startup business is an exception to the statistics. But betting against immeasurable odds is what makes the world move forward, and humanity progresses.

Keeping note of the facts mentioned above, budding businesses must gain every advantage and give no ground to survive. With almost every new venture today, setting up an online presence is an integral step to partake in the market share it has positioned itself to be in. This is because people search the internet for almost everything they can think of every day. SEO helps you land on the top of the search results related to your business.

IS SEO only synonymous with ranking first on the results page? Your ranking is not the only thing SEO works on, it will also help you gain insight on important matters about your business. Here are some of the reasons why every startup needs to have an SEO:

Brand Visibility

People, at first, won’t know you are; it is your responsibility to develop your business’s brand recognition to your prospective customers or clients. You will need to develop your customer’s interest in your business, and driving traffic to your site is the fastest way to attract audiences. With SEO, you’re not only casting your net to wherever you are also strategically targeting audiences who are most likely to benefit from what you offer.

Improves Competitiveness

The DC area has over a thousand restaurants, coffee shops, and pastries. A food startup knows that entering the field means fighting an uphill battle from the get-go. However, Search Engines level the playing. If you have the best DC SEO strategy working for your website, you’ll be able to gain an upper hand over your more established competitors. You’ll be able to take your share from the market and make your mark on the industry.

Helps In Decision-making

Marketing is a science and an art. The science part helps you make informed decisions for the betterment of your business. SEO helps you understand your customers and make the necessary steps in making a conversion. You’ll be able to customize your approach geared to convert every opportunity for all visitors.

Generates More Organic Traffic

Generating traffic is more than just having more people logging in to your website. Ranking high on the results page establishes an intrinsic value for the visitor that your business is legitimate and that you can be trusted. Building customer confidence and nurturing your credibility will not only make for a one-time conversion, you’ll have loyal customers that won’t trust anybody else but you.

Benefits Local and Online Businesses

It’s not only online startups that benefit from SEO, but brick-and-mortar businesses have to capitalize on their online presence to attract visitors to their store. If you’re the best coffee shop within a twenty-block radius, then those who’re looking for coffee nearby should be able to see your store online. This is alluding to the recent study that shows more than 80% of people who buy from stores have made prior research and inquiries online about the store and item they plan to purchase.

If you’re starting a business in the twenty-first century, you’re going to need all the help you can get to maintain its growth. SEO helps you strategically attract customers and keep them engaged that can foster customer loyalty and drive progress.  

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