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Why Should You Monitor Your Teenage Daughter’s Instagram Usage?


As a teenager, your daughter is probably on their phone most of the time. That’s because they’re scrolling through social media or talking to their friends. The thing is, today’s generation gets a dopamine hit every time they use their phone. 

Did you know that girls spend approximately 5.3 hours a day on social media? For instance, they can continuously scroll through Instagram for 1.1 hours without getting tired. 

This extreme Instagram usage can affect your daughter’s mental health and lead them to addiction. In this blog, we will discuss the three negative impacts of Instagram usage and how to keep your daughter safe from social media harm.

#1. It Can Be Harmful for Their Mental Health

As a parent, you should know the everlasting emotional scars these apps can leave behind. Research shows that Instagram usage can significantly damage a teenage girl’s mental health. 

For instance, they can develop problems with social anxiety and low self-esteem. They’ll also have body image concerns that can lead to eating disorders and insomnia. All these things happen when your daughter compares their appearance with edited pictures and seeks social validation online. 

Did you know that various teenagers have been affected by these mental health concerns due to Instagram usage? They developed depressive symptoms, body dysmorphia, suicidal ideation, etc. That’s why their parents have filed an Instagram lawsuit against Meta. This lawsuit alleges that Meta failed to warn them about potential issues associated with Instagram use. 

According to TorHoerman Law, these plaintiffs are seeking compensation for emotional damages, medical treatment bills, and therapy costs. They are eligible to get an estimated compensation between USD 10,000 and USD 100,000. 

#2. It Can Get Addictive

Instagram is addictive. It can create habit loops since there’s a constant stream of endless content. The app also allows infinite scrolling and attracts girls with personalized visual content. 

Alexis Tapia is a 16-year-old girl who’s addicted to scrolling. She obsessively scrolls through social media throughout the day. Unfortunately, Alexis cannot stop doing that, even if she tries her best. Approximately 54% of teenagers face the same issue and believe that it’s very hard to give up social media. 

Girls are more likely to get addicted to Instagram. That’s why you should keep a lookout for the basic signs of addiction: 

  • They document everything, from the food they eat to the outfits they wear. 
  • You see them sacrifice real-life relationships and activities to be on their phones. 
  • They’re hiding or denying Instagram use when asked about it.
  • They spend excessive time on the app and get irritated easily.

Your daughter might also feel angry about things that they don’t have. If they’re addicted, they’ll feel anxious when they’re not using the app.

#3. It’s a Breeding Ground for Sexual Content

Even though Meta ensures that Instagram is safe and family-friendly, it has slowly developed into a hotbed for sexual content. That’s because Meta has a hard time keeping illegal content off this platform.

Sexual predators lurk on every social media app. However, research suggests that only Instagram promotes a vast network of pedophiles. Unfortunately, the algorithms enable them to seek illegal underage content and talk to teenage girls. 

Due to this, multiple young girls and women are constantly exploited and harassed. Many middle-aged men use Instagram to sexually exploit and threaten young girls. Yes, not all of the content your daughter sees on Instagram is kid-friendly. Without supervision, they can get exposed to inappropriate pictures, texts, and videos. 

What Can You Do To Keep Your Daughter Safe from Social Media Harm?

It can be hard to believe, but approximately half of American teenagers are on the internet almost constantly. Based on research, the number of teen internet users grew from 92% to 97% in less than a decade. This increase happened due to the easy accessibility of social media and digital tools.

Irrespective of whether your daughter is using Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, you should introduce the concept of cyber safety. Moreover, to keep your daughter safe from the dangers of social media, you can follow these tips: 

  • Check their Instagram activity: Talk to them about what they’re watching or reading online. You also have the right to know who they’re communicating with on these apps.
  • Know about parental controls: Instagram and other platforms offer a parental control option to supervise your daughter’s account without hampering their privacy.
  • Talk about the importance of privacy: You should tell your daughter to keep their account private and avoid sharing personal information. 

In conclusion, you should know about the dangers of social media usage, especially Instagram, before letting your teenage daughter use it regularly. For example, Instagram use can lead to mental health problems, become addictive, and expose underage users to sexual content. 

That’s why you should keep track of your daughter’s digital footprint to check their online activity. Remember to use parental controls on all the devices and accounts that they use. You must also talk to them about the importance of privacy and cyber safety. 

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