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Why the best SmartTV is a decent Display hooked to a Streaming Stick

by Milicent Atieno
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The TV is trying to follow the phone in the smart journey. While the phone evolves from basic voice calls, it has since integrated telegram features, alongside an MP3 player, a digital camera, FM radio, calculator, and many more feature. While the traditional TV has become a smartTV by combining a basic display with streaming capabilities.

However, getting a smartTV can be costly; and not just from the initial purchase cost angle alone. TV manufacturer do sell many smartTVs, and each year they are in a race to release a new flagship TV for that year. However, as the years go by, their attention shift from the aging TV sets to the new ones.

That means they will not focus on releasing software updates for the aging TVs. A couple of years down the road, you will find yourself with a TV set, though smart, is not compatible with some of the latest software released in the market. Let it go for half a decade or so, your now old TV set will not be compatible with some of the latest streaming software out in the market. So you will have little option, but to go out and buy another expensive smartTV.

Why you should instead go for the dumb Display and a Streaming Stick

A smartTV could cost as much as $3,000. If you have to replace that every five to six years, it sounds like that would not be the thing for most people. On the other hand, a streaming stick starts from anywhere between $20 to $100.

Though the best streaming stick would be the Chromecast. It is affordable and works with just about any streaming service except for Amazon Video. If you have Google Home, you will be able to control it using voice commands. All the streaming devices stick to connect to your dumb display via the HDMI ports.

Since they are inexpensive, you can always buy two or three streaming sticks. That way if one stick does not get one streaming service, the other one must be getting. You will not have to buy a new smartTV if you find the list of streaming apps available on its ecosystem does not work with a certain streaming service.

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