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Why the hell did Microsoft make Calculator so big in latest Windows 10? Here’s how to fix that

by Felix Omondi
windows 10 calculator

Microsoft released its latest iteration of Windows 10 in its continual upgrades of the same Windows campaign. The OS was launched October 2nd, and I doubt there are many PC users out there who have already downloaded, and installed the new Windows 10 iterations; save for the early birds (I believe the right term is early-adopters).

The early birds might have already noticed a couple of changes Microsoft has made on the new Windows 10. If you use the Calculator app regularly, you must have been shocked by the gigantic size of the Calculator the first time you used it in this new Windows 10 version 10 calculator

When you open the app for the first time, the Calc takes up a huge portion of the screen. I imagine there are folks out there who may want to make the Calculator that big but won’t imagine them to be that many. At least nowhere near the population, it would make sense for Microsoft to make the app that big on a screen, on default. Have they (engineers at Microsoft) seen how ridiculous it looks when you got the Calc as the only opened app?

The damn thing looks too big for its use, and not that many people would need to use it in that size. But lucky of us (Windows users) Microsoft’s mistake is not as huge like it was back in the days of Windows 8. In Windows 8, there was no option of resizing application windows when you launch them. That meant getting stuck with a ridiculously sized window for your particular need.

To change the ridiculous sized Calculator, simply take your pointer to the sides of the Calc window and drag it to the size you want. When you resize the Calc window enough, you will see that the Memory and History sidebar disappears from the interface and in their place comes an icon for clicking to activate their respective displays.

And when you log out, the log back into your Windows 10 account, thankfully, the Calculator app will remember the size it was last used in. So you will not need to resize it a second time unless that is what you want.

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